Shree Swami Samarth

Janmakhyan - Shree Maharaj Narrating Shree Baba Maharaj's Birth StoryTranslation of Marathi Book "janmakhyan"


—- As Narrated by Shree Digambardas Maharaj

|| God incarnates for the sake of devotees ||

|| By taking a form having attributes and qualities ||

|| For protecting the religion and providing security to the Saints ||

|| This being done by the Supreme Being on oneís own strength ||

|| By covering and adhering moral principels and religion ||

|| The uplifting of the religion is accomplished by the Supreme Being himself ||

|| By killing the demons and protecting the Brahmanas ||

|| This being done by the Supreme Being for the ages to come ||

|| The humble servant say that the Supreme Being is the protector of devotees ||

|| The Supreme Being personally would prevent any type of difficulties ||

Whenever the religious fold becomes corrupt , devilish prosperity increase on the earth and then mankind, by forgetting their religious rites, start doing irreligious acts. Thus there would be increase in crimes as well as destruction of the religious merits. Once these changes takes place, human beings have to endure painful lives and because of this true religion gets dropped and the unrighteousness gets inflated.

In a similar way, a human being by taking birth on this planet as per ones destiny, carrying out oneís duties and moving about in this world of happiness and pain should recognize the true form of the Supreme Being. Whatever perfect path of the knowledge of the self and that of the soul has been laid by the Supreme Being, a time comes for that path or its different traditional spiritual branches, when it get dirty or get vanished. In such a time, for the revival of the Religion and Divine Truth, the Supreme Being as per the spirit of the times, takes 10 Incarnations in every Yug or ëAgeí; serially in the form of a ëFishí, Tortiseí etc. till upto shree Ramkrishna Paramhunsa, Kalki etc, for the protection and revival of true Religion. The Supreme being descends on this earth in any of the Ten Forms of ëIncarnations as per the necessity.

The ëbreathí of the Supreme Being supports the Religion which includes the four Vedas viz. Regveda,Yajurved, Samved, Atharvaved and perpetual ancient Religion. For the sake of Religion and morality, the Supreme Being protects the saints, good and virtuous persons and Brahmanas. This is the assurance of the Supreme Being given to the human beings.

In every Yug or age (there are four Yugs or Ages since the creation of the present world.The first is Satyayug of 1728000 years , the second is Treta Yug of 1296000 years, the third is Dwaparyug of 864000 years and the fourth is Kaliyug of 432000 Yrs.) accordingly these incarnations of Lord Vishnu viz. Matsya, Kacchap. Varah, Nrisinha, Vaman, Parashuram, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki, took place and might take place also. What are the causes for these incarnations? To understand this, our ancesters had kept eighteen mythological literacy works such as Mahabharat, Bhagwat and Ramayan of different mythological folklores for our understanding. These are still available even now.

The Supreme being also personally stated that “Whenever the weakness of the spirit in the Religion rises and unrighteoness starts pervading everywhere, then I would personally take a birth on this earth!” (Bhagwad Gita Poem 4-7). For the protection of the saints , destruction of evil and to re-establish new Religions order, I would take birth in all ages || (Poem 4-8)

While stating about the Bhagwad Gita, narrated by Lord Krishna, saint Dnyaneshwar Mauli explains:-

|| In that way, I am formless wearing a crown ||

|| Dressed finally as though having a form for performance ||

————- (Dnyaneshwari Poem 4-48)

Oh! Arjuna I am not in the form of an idol, I am unborn, imperishable and Formless. None of the Name and form touch me. This way, though I am self manifested, boundless and infinite, even then my power for this world regarding service and consciousness that means the thought of Divine Power takes its shelter and enjoy the power.Then I feel like enjoying my divine power in the form of woman and man in this universe. This feeling itself makes me transition from formless to form. In that case, without giving up my original attributeless and formless nature I become universal by taking a material form with attributes and qualities.

I dress up finaly as this ëdivine Powerí, being born beause of me, as I only is its origin and I personally coverup in it and its qualities (good qualities like Virtue, love of pleasure and promptness to the revengeful, strong feeling etc) or in the form man-woman just like an actor dressing up for different characters in the drama like King-Queen, attendant-chief and accordingly. That way by making a play, in the role of an artist, but knowing those people who would not understand all this but still eager to enjoy the joy of drama. Accordingly I only meant this universal art of acting raised by my power and in that , my image of the living beings dressed up finely by the kindness of the Lord Shiva as well as Lord Brahma and scattered about in many places, I am personally descending down with the egoism of Lord Shiva in my own name and form, for the universal work on this planet for conducting the eternal play of this Universe.

It is the play of my affection, imagination power, i.e due to the evidence of the reflected image of my life and its nature, I myself will have to grasp the same on account of its uncertain name and form ie. as Its ME at the base of creation of this whole universe which ultimately at the end gets assimilated in me only – In short, I am only at its beginning and its end. Of oneís own accord, consider me Lord Shiva as the living being of pleasant nature and for you to understand this I personally descend down for this worldly play and become Lord Shiva as well as life actress with the power of strength and finally I only will destroy all this.

Since all this is external, my basic form of Godly origin would never get dstroyed. However, this illusory play helps in grasping the same. In this world it is going on from times immemorial that, whatever religions advantages to this life exists for protection from degradation and from the cycle of birth and death, I should personally save all these religions.

Whenever unrighteousness overcomes religion and religious principles, keeping aside my nameless and formless nature, I personally take form and name for the upliftment of religion and I Incarnate on earth. Even then, my eternal principles do not get compromised and in this universe, I get the quiet rememberance of what I was and due to this I am being known as omnipotent and perfect.

With the majesty of the six attributes of God viz., all-soverneignity , all goodness, all glory, all opulence, all knowledge and all absolute exemption from desire or affection, I protect religion. This way I take incarnation to protect my devotees and clear all the darkness (spiritual ignorance).

I cut off the limit of unrighteousness, I tear to pieces whatever defects written and then I hoist a flag of happiness from the hands of good and virtueous persons. I shall destroy the lineage of demons. I shall again establish the lost respect of the saints, reconnect ethics with religion.

I shall sweep the soot of thoughtlessness which comes on the lamp of the rationalist and make it bright and at that time for the ascetics who have no ends, the day of Diwali would begin. The whole Universe will be filled up with self-happiness and the devotees experience fairness and uprightness.

Arjuna,whatever my idol appears in the public, that time the mountain of sin disappears and the religious merit dawns.For such mission I take incarnation in every age. But whoever understands this principle , only he becomes real judicious in the Universe.

This way for ages together from times immemorial, by taking incarnation, I come on this earth to carry out religious rites and by taking away burden on this earth; I bring up religion, morality, virtue and divine wealth. But my divine birth and deed would be understood by the judicious mental eye only.

In every age ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu have been treated as primary and in addition to that, additional incarnations of the Lord, some complete and some in part come on this earth. That time the objective is to show the right path to the people along with uplifting people and Religion and in a similar way protecting the tradition by increasing its development and its strength. Thus bringing about the unity in the mankind. Sometimes the Lord takes incarnation in this World for fulfilling a boon, given to the people as a result of their penance and sometimes for the fulfilling of the destiny of his devotees.

While counting the number of incarnations, Lord Dattatreya is considered as the sixth incarnation. From here onwards the avadhoot tradition was started. The tradition of incarnation of Lord Dattatreya is very well known. Quite recently practically Saint Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is known to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Saint Shree Nivruttinath is known to be the incarnation of Lord Shankar; Saint Shree Sopandeo is known to be the incarnation of Lord Brahma and Saint Shree Muktabai is known to be the incarnation of Goddess Adimaaya.

In addition, Lord Dattatreya in the Kaliyug, the fourth yug; for the quick upliftment of the population as well as to give the right directive principles to the people and for the protection of the religion, Lord had taken the first incarnation of Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh. After achieving his objective, Lord Dattreya remained hidden in a place Kuravpur and continued devotional work and this has also been noted in his biography.

The narrative of this incarnation is worth hearing. In Andhra State, previously there was a city named Peethapur.There was a couple Aapraj and Sumati staying in Peethapur. This couple was very much virtuous and religious. Aapraj was devoted to religious works, versed in Vedas and Shastras and maintaining excellently the sacred duty of a householder. His wife Sumati was also faithful, chaste and would dutifully honour all the guests.

But the destiny was such that both the children born to this virtuous couple were blind and deformed. Due to this both were mentally oppressed and frustrated. However, they fulfilled all the expected duties in the life of a householder thoroughly.

Once in their household, on the darkmoon day, there was a ceremony being conducted in respect for Aaprajís late father. In the afternoon , after the brahman (priest) arrived, he started performing the rituals and so Sumati started making the necessary cooking preparations. After some time when the cooking necessary for the ceremony was almost done and Aapraj had just left to visit the temple, at that very moment Lord Dattatreya himself came and stood at the door dressed as an ascetic. He started chanting “Alakh Niranjan” and asked for alms.

Seeing this hungry unexpected guest standing at the door, sumati took the food prepared for the ceremony and served it to the hungry guest with a feeling of “Atithi Deo Bhava” ( Guest is God). Greatly pleased, Lord Dattatreya manifested himself in his true form. Appearing before Sumati he said “Mother I am extremely happy with your devotion. Now tell me your desire and I shall fulfill it”. Sumati laid her head at the feet of Lord Dattatreya and said “You are the Lord of all the three worlds.You have called me as your mother. My fate is never greater than this. But it has been settled that I am very unfortunate mother. My children cannot escape death. The two children who lived now are blind and deformed. Hence I pray to you to take birth from my womb and bless me. By this you can fulfil your words also”. Lord Dattatreya said “You will give birth to a venerable wise and sensible son. He will uplift your family. However, he will not continue to live with you. when he starts to take leave of you to fulfil his mission as per his incarnation;then please do not stop him.”

When Aapraj came home, he came to know all the details from Sumati. He also became very happy, hearing about the solemn blessings given by Lord Dattatreya. Later, in due course of time, Sumati got indication about her pregnancy. On the fourth lunar day of the bright half of the month Sept-Oct; Sumati gave birth to a son. On the foot of the new born son they noticed godly signs of a diamond, a spiked stick, banner and lotus, he was named as “Shreepad” based on the birth time. The astrologer predicted that the son is the incarnation of God.

With his juvenile play Shreepad gave a lot happiness to his parents. At the age of seven, his sacred thread ceremony was carried out. At this young age this miraculous boy had mastered all the four Vedas , six religious Shastras (sciences), and eighteen ëPuranasí (mythological literary works). He started giving guidance to the people, regarding Religious rites, atonement and theological parts of the Vedas etc. When shreepad was sixteen year old and his parents started to discuss about his marriage, Shreepad reminded them that his birth was not for the pursuing the life of a householder. He further said, “I am already married to detachment.I will be travelling to the North for pursuing meditation and self realization. You should happily give me permission for the same”.

Mother Sumati said that, even though you were born to a poor family like us, we are fully aware that you are the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. How would we abstruct you ? However, when we get old and tired, who would take care of your two elder brothers who are blind and deformed ? In our oldage who would look after us? Would you not fell pity for us? Having heard this, Shreepad wiped out his mothers tears , and blessed both his brothers with healthiness and freedom from deformity and then assured his mother that both brothers would live upto a hundred years of age and take care of their parents. He also blessed them with the bountiful hand of Godess Laxmi and happiness. Then, he asked her to allow him to depart to further carry out his mission.

Once he received permission from his parents, he disappeared from there and appeared in Kashmir. He went to Badrikedar and carried out severe penance. Later on, he carried out penance at Gokarn-Mahabaleshwar, he stayed on the charming island, which was sixteen miles away from Kuravpur, of Raichur located on the riverbed of Krishna river. He became well-known by the name Shreepad Shree Vallabha,wearing a saffron coloured garment,loin cloth and holding a gourd in the hand. For those struck with misery, Shreepad was the very preceptor and savior who arrived to uplift them.

During his stay at Kuravpur, Shreepad Shree vallabh performed many miracles and elevated a number of devotees materially and spiritually. During one such instance, he blessed a washerman (a person who washes others clothes for his livelihood) that his desire to enjoy life of a king would get fulfilled in his next life.

In due course of time, Shreepad reiuncarnated as Shree Narsinha Saraswati and as per his promise, the washerman became Emperor of Bidar town in his next life. Thus Shreepad fulfilled the promise given to his devotee. Another example was that of a Brahman lady Ambika. He reincarnated again to fulfill her demands as a devotee.

Ambika was the wife of a learned Brahman of Kuravpur; wellversed in Shastras and Vedas. Both were pious ,God-fearing and religious. Somehow destiny didnít allow their children to survive. They observed religious vows and other special efforts and pilgrimage to the holy places to overcome their misfortune. Eventually one of their newborn son survived, but he was mentally deficient. His thread ceremony was carried out however, due to his mental state, he could not learn his daily duties. His father tried his best to teach him all the knowledge but it was of no use. Unable to bear this reality, his father died.

Hardworking Ambika was passing her life bearing in mind her mentally deficient grown-up son. People started ridiculing and taunting her son. All this became unbearable to him and he started proceeding towards the Krishna river bank to commit suicide. “What should I do living in your absence?” thinking so, his mother also joined him to commit suicide.

Saint, Shreepad Shreevallabha had come to the river for a bath. He saw and stopped both of them and asked as to why they both were committing suicide. Ambika narrated her merciful story. She told his that she is now content since during the last moment of her life she could get the blessing due to the holy sight of Shreepad Shreevallabh.. She further said that at least in her life she should get an intellectual son like Shreepad Shree –Vallabh and crying loudly, she offered her reverential salutation to Shreepad ShreeVallabh.

Shreepad ShreeVallabha said that the suicide was a great sin. He asked her to give up that thought and carry out religious observance whole heartedly. He called her son and blessed him mercifully. Suddenly,this Ambikaís son started reciting the Vedas ! Ambika became exstatic. Later, as per the instructons, she started carrying out the religious observances , all through her life.

Shreepad ShreeVallabha ended his incarnation on Ashwin Krishna Dwadashi day at Kuravpur. His disciples established his foot impression on a stone at that location. Every year on Guru Dwadashi Day they started holding a ceremonial festival at that place to honor the great saint.

As per his promise to Ambika and the Washerman, for the welfare of his devotees, Shreepad Shreevallabha reincarnated at Karanja village. This incarnation of Lord Shree Dattatreya means the incarnation of Shree Narhari or Shree Nrisinha Saraswati. Ambika of Kuravpur village took rebirth in a Brahmin family at Karanja village of Vidarbha state. In this birth her name was Ambabhavani. From the childhood itself she started practicing religious observances with great devoutness. Her marriage took place at the age of 13 with a young man named Madhav Kale. Madhav was a learned devotee of Lord Shiva and belonged to a Sub-cast of Brahmanas in the same village.

In the year 1300 (approx.), Saturday the tenth month of Hindu year, on the second day of bright fortnight, Ambika gave birth to a beautiful son. Soon after the birth their son started uttering of the word ëOmkarí and as though convinced about the indication of his remarkable quality, mother Amba gave named him ëNaraharií. Young Narhari started growing up fast.His parents were curious to hear the stammering of words of their son. However, except for the word ëOmmí, he would not utter any other word. The parents started to have doubts as to whether their son was dumb. With great concern mother Amba tried speaking with him with no results. With tears in her eyes she started praying earnestly to God.

One day, wiping the tears of his mother, Narhari took took an iron rod lying nearby .With the touch of Narhari, the iron rod turned into gold. Narhari then requested his parents to carry out his thread ceremony; so that he would start talking. His parents made all the preparations for the thread ceremony. After the rituals were carried out, young Narhari stood before his mother as a mendicant for begging alms (part of the thread ceremony rituals) and no sooner he got the alms, all of a sudden he started reciting all the four Vedas loudly. His parents were exstatic!

But no sooner the thread ceremony was over, he asked his parents for their consent to go to Kashi for studies. His mother told him that he was their only son. If at all he goes, then who would look after them in their old age? She started lamenting. On that, Narhari explained to his mother that he was not worn to lead worldly life. The purpose of his life had already been fixed as per the will of God. Besides he told his mother that she would give birth to four more sons and a daughter. Further he told her, that these sons would look after her in her old age. Saying thus, he asked her to allow him to leave.

Narhariís mother asked him to wait till she gets at least one son. Narahari told his mother that he would wait till she gets two sons instead of one. In due time, mother Ambe gave birth to twins. As promised, Narhari received consent from his parents. Taking blessings of his parents and assuring them that he would come to Karanja after thirty years to meet them;he started his journey towards BadriKavan to undergo penance.

After carrying out austere penance, meditation and studies at Badrikedar and Kashi, Narhari got initiated as an ascetic from Krishna Saraswati. As sanctioned by the rule at Kashi, he assumed the name as Nrusimha Saraswati. Later, as per his preceptors command, he carried out several pilgrimages. He also carried out important works for religious emancipation and upliftment of the masses. He walked barefoot and conquered the length and breath of Bharat (India). Seven disciples accompanied him.

Thirty years passed after he had left his home. As per his promise, he returned to Karanja to visit his parents. He took blessings of his age old parents. With tears of joy his mother bathed her ascetic son, whose fame had spread in all directions.

Villagers crowded to take his blessings. His sister Ratna stood in the same crowd. She expressed her desire to abandon her house and do penance. Shree Narsimha Saraswati advised her that the service to her husband was a sacred duty for a woman and that itself would take her towards liberation from the bondages of life and death. Giving her an idea about the destiny of her previous life; to undergo the pain in this life, he further promised her that whenever she gets emanicipation from her sin, he would meet her again. All the villagers invited Swamiji to their homes for receiving alms (customary for an ascetic). To satisfy all the villagers, Swamiji simultaneously materialized in different houses in different forms, all at once !

When Swamiji left Karanja, he went to places like Tryambakeshwar, Nasik, Manjarikavasar, Brahmeshwar, Parali-Vaijanath etc. Several miracles took place at these places. Ultimately at the old Temple of Bhuvaneshwari located at Bhilwadi village on Krishna river he sat in solitude under a fig tree, on the opposite bank of the river, and started doing meditation Later due to public nuisance, he left the place and started staying under a fig tree located on the Krishna-Panchganga river. Today Narasobawadi or Nrusamhawadi is located in the same place.

Fame spread across quickly and people started crowding to seek his blessings, finally Swamiji Shree Nrusimha Saraswati left for Ganagapur. While leaving, he promised his devotees that he would stay under the same fig tree permanently and fulfill all the wishes and desires of his devotees. Even today scores of devotees experience his promise. At Ganagapur also, the fame of Swamiji had spread. The king of Ganagapur welcomed Swamiji and for his stay built a big hermitage. There, meditation on Godís name, religious narration and religious ceremonies started taking place. Here too, Swamiji performed a number of miracles. Finally the Emperor of Bidar state, who was a washerman in his pastlife, came there and took blessings from Swamiji and became freed from his ailment. Ultimately Swamiji decided to go from Ganagapur to an unknown place to carry out penance in solitude. He advised his devotees to carry out good conduct, keep faith in religion, God with implicit faith etc and by blessing them, Swamiji came to Patalganga at Shree Shailkshetra. Then by sitting on a flowerseat, he came to the central place of the river stream and disappeared. As an evidence of reaching Kardalivan (Banana forest), few Shevanthi flowers sent by Swamiji, came flowing in the river stream. It was eleventh month of the Hindu year and the first day of the lunar fortnight in the year 1378. On this day Shree Narahari, Swami Nrusimha Saraswati ended his incarnation. This day, the First day of lunar fortnight of the planet Jupiter is being celebrated as ëGuru Pratipadaí day with great faith, in Ganagapur and Narsobawadi.

Swami Nrusimha Saraswati started doing penance for a very long time at Kadalivan..Again after few centuries of austere penance and meditation, he journeyed to countries like China, Japan, Jawa, Sumatra, Tibet and Sayam etc. By giving guidance to many religions in those countries; the same Shree Nrusimha Saraswati Swamji came to the Himalayas and sat for the penance and got absorbed in deep and devout meditation. After sometime again on the pretext of Punjabi woodcutter, he abandoned his deep and devout meditation and started resumed pilgrimages across India -Bharat.

He sanctified all places of pilgrimages and carried out lot of work to arrest the decline of religion. He explained the knowledge of the self to many people longing for emanicipation. He gave guidance to many people and ascetics during his brief stays while journeying through Mangalvedha, Solapur, Hyderabad, Rajuri etc.and performed several miracles.

Finally Shreeman Nrusimha Saraswati came and stayed at Akkalkot, a Sacred place; Here he carried out several divine plays and performed scrores of miracles. He showed the way of true religion to the masses, spread the knowledge of the self in the society and he came to be known as Akkalkot Nivasi Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. It was here, at the sacred place of Akkalkot where Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj left his body.

In that place Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj left his body ,then he took the deep and devout meditation in the house as well as cave of Cholappa disciple which was earlier kept ready and sanctified personally sitting there.

Even today Shree Swami Samarth manifests in public to help real devotees. Here in Karanja, one who had manifested in the name of Shree Narahari; after five hundred years with the deep and devout meditation in Akkalkot he ended his incarnation as Shree Nrusimha Saraswati with the perfect Datta, Lord Shiva.

Shree Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj finally went to this same Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot; as per his earlier fate and made three trips around Maharaj. Finally at the third round Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj slapped Shree Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj and fully initiated him at night 12.00 OíClock to 1.00 p.m. Shree Swami gave him a glimps of the principal of real truth as mentioned in the Vedas; This made Shree Ramanand Maharaj slip into the super conscious state and he went in the state of deep meditation. Blessing Shree Ramanand Maharaj to experience this radiance and in order for further development, Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj instructed Shree Beedkar Maharaj to feed a thousand people. Swamiji also prohibited Shree Beedkar Maharaj for the further use of alchemy to generate income and ordered him to circumambulate around the Narmada river.

At the time when Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj left his body , Shree Sadguru Beedkar Maharaj was the last and youngest of all the disciples. Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj had around 100 thousand disciples, out of them ten were primary and out of these ten, Shree Sadguru Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj was the youngest who had the ability to further the system of religious doctrine. A soul is radiant if you meditate on that as per the technique specified by spiritual preceptor. This life gets absorbed at the feet of Lord Shiva, that means life gets absorbed at the feet of Supreme Soul (God). Getting fully absorbed in meditation means the Supreme Yoga should remain ahead in progress and it should also remain pure, hence Shree Swami Samarth , the all courageous, all perseverant, manly, loyal and firm; chose this loyal disciple, devotee of Shree Hanuman and Shree Dattatreya, on the basis of his previously accumulated merit,and initiated him . Only four years passed after his initiation and Shree Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj left his body. At the time, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was carrying out circumambulation of Narmada river. Shree Beedkar Mahaarajís objective remained incomplete. It would have taken at least a period of eight years to complete his objective.

In order to finish unfinished business and so that the people should realize first hand about the devotion of the preceptor and to ensure that the spiritual order should move ahead; for the sake of his favourite disciple, Shree Beedkar Maharaj, Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj took birth on the full moon day of the Kartik, 8th month of Hindu year, in the year 1907 , in the family of Sahasrabuddhe in Brahmin caste at Hubli city, Karnatak State. Later he became famous by the name of Ramchandra – leader of our biography – today we are celebrating his birth anniversary. The reason for narrating this history is that, one should know the tradition of this incarnation and the responsibility involved. For this purpose, all this had to be told. Now whose birth anniversary are we celebrating ?, let us change our direction towards the birth history of Shreemat Shree Sadguru Vasudevanant Saraswati i.e. Shree Raosaheb Sahasrabuddhe or Babamaharaj (Ramchandra Appaji Sahasrabuddhe) and today let us celebrate his birthday with great love, replete with enthusiasm and implicit faith.

In an earlier verse Shree Digambardas Maharaj had said:

|| God takes incarnation, for the sake of a devotee ||

|| Endowed with form and attributes ||

|| Preserving the religion and protecting the saints ||

|| All this Lord Narayan is doing with oneís own strength ||

|| Religion and Morality Needs Nourishing Support ||

|| The Supreme Being carryon the uplift of the religion ||

|| By killing demons, protecting the Brahmins ||

|| This has been done by the Lord, for ages together ||

|| Digambardas says God is the support of a devotee ||

|| God would personally ward off all calamities ||

|| Oh! Lord Vishnu the God of the universe|Great King Great Ascetic ||

|| Victory to Shree Sadguru Vasudevanant Saraswati,Swami Samarth Maharaj ||

|| Victory to Sadgururaj Shree Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj ||

|| Victory to the Great King Great Ascetic Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj ||

|| Victory to Shree Sadguru Digambardas Maharaj ||

|| Shreepad ShreeVallabh Shree Narhari ||

|| Shree Gurudeo Datta ||

|| Shree Gurudeo Datta ||

|| Shree Gurudeo Datta ||

|| Shree Dnyandeo Tukaram ||

|| Pundaleek Varda Hari Vitthal ||

|| Mangal Moorthy Moraya ||