Shree Swami Samarth

Devotees Experiences

Experience narrated Shree L.R. Phadke and Smt. Phadke regarding Sadguru Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.

Important Extracts from ” Tuchi Baap Dhani

“I am not far away from my Devotees”

In the year 1957, Sadguru Shree Maharaj was staying with Shri Maraballi at his Talamkiwadi Residence in Mumbai. Shri L.R. Phadke stayed in the third floor of ‘Champa Nivas’ building at Dadar, Mumbai. Shree Maharaj would very often visit Shri Phadke at his residence in Dadar.

One morning, Shree Maharaj came over to their house and asked Smt. Phadke to prepare some ‘Sheera’ for him. Sheera is a sweet item prepared from Cream of Wheat, Sugar and Ghee. Within half an hour, Smt Phadke served Shree Maharaj with Sheera and a drink. After eating, the couple paid their respects to Shree Maharaj as he got up to leave. Shri Phadke accompanied Shree Maharaj to the staircase to say goodbye. But to his surprise, he did not see Shree Maharaj either leave the building or walk along the road.

The same evening, Shri Phadke came over to Shri Maraballi’s residence to visit Shree Maharaj and narrated the above incident. But Shree Maharaj calmly denied saying ” I have not left this house for even a moment throughout the day. You can confirm this with Shri and Smt Maraballi. I myself, do not know how this incident took place in your house when I never came to your house to eat Sheera or to have a drink”.

Shri Phadke was simply astonished by this miraculous experience. This again, proves his devotees that Shree Maharaj was not a common human being and he obviously was never far away from his devotees.