Shree Swami Samarth

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Experience of Shri Vikas Kamalakar Walawalkar,Dadar,Mumbai regarding Sadguru Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.

Important Extracts from ” Tuchi Baap Dhani

“Swami Samarth Saved You, Otherwise You Would Have Been Dead”

This incident happened during the year 1972. My mother and myself were in the house. It was about 9 PM to 9.30 PM at nighttime. My mother was working in the kitchen. While cooking in the kitchen, she came out and said something strange is happening to me by saying so she lied on the cot. She was finding difficulty in breathing.

I gave her the medicines known to me but there was no improvement. I thought this problem to be something else than the normal sickness, and hence I called our neighbour Shri Tendulkar kaka(uncle) and his family. They came and immediately the doctor was called. The doctor, took the Blood Pressure and other health indicators. He even took the cardiogram(E.C.G.) and prescribed the medicines. We gave the medicines and the doctor was waiting outside. My mother was half insensible and muttering something I am experiencing something strange. I am feeling some strange thing moving in the whole body and again coming back towards my heart. While breathing also I feel some strange thing is moving inside and then coming out.

I became completely nervous; and suddenly remembered Shree Maharaj. I wanted to ring up and inform Shree Maharaj at Pune with complete details. But I was hesitating; since the family restrictions did not permit me to trouble Shree Maharaj with minor problems and I was sitting helpless.My mother, in the half insensible condition itself started muttering Vikas inform Shree Maharaj immediately. Something serious is happening to me. After hearing, I became more nervous. I knew the habit of my mother to endure herself all her body sufferings without informing anybody in the house. Today the same mother herself was asking me to ring up Punes number and inform Shree Maharaj about her sufferings. So I was more and more confused. But I rang up immediately the Punes number.

Shree Maharaj was taking his dinner. Somebody else took the telephone. Through him, Shree Maharaj gave instructions Tell Vikas not to worry. Take one coconut and wave it around the mothers body three times and take the coconut downstairs and break the same.

I felt happy because Shree Maharaj had given me a remedy. Now the doctor was not required. Instantly I recovered myself as my fear had vanished.

As per the suggestion of Shree Maharaj, I took a coconut and waved it around the entire body of my mother three times and went downstairs an broke the coconut but I was perplexed as to throw the coconut entirely or bring one part home? Since, as per the suggestions of Shree Maharaj for a number of years, I used to break a coconut on every new moon day, downstairs, on a particular spot and bring home one part of the coconut. But today, the coconut had been waved around the entire body of my mother and I was perplexed. I felt like throwing away the complete coconut, but what about the prasad (food offered to deity). I would have to bear the blame for throwing away the Prasad. If I take home one part of the coconut, the particular spirit, for which the coconut was waved around body of my mother, would again enter the house. Hence, I was puzzled.

Ultimately I made up my mind and threw away one part of the coconut and took the second part upstairs and kept the same near the staircase portion outside our flat, so that, it could be either taken inside our flat if required or could be thrown out easily. By doing so I came home and sat quietly.

Even after half an hour, there was no improvement in the condition of my mother. I was full of anxiety. Suddenly, our telephone started ringing. I answered the telephone. Shree Maharaj himself had rang up. He said Vikas, again you take one coconut, you wave it around the body of Malu(my mother) and take it downstairs and break it and threw both parts and do not bring home any part of the coconut. Your mother would be all right.

Without delay I did as suggested by Shree Maharaj. I waved a fresh coconut around the body of my mother and took it downstairs and broke the same and threw away both parts and came up. After 15-20 minutes my mother recovered fully and she prepared meals and even served me. Is this not a miracle of Shree Maharaj?

In the first instance, when I had not told any body, in the building or even at Pune about the part of the coconut brought upstairs and kept at the staircase. But was there anything, which the All-Witnessing Shree Maharaj cannot perceive? Shree Maharaj had understood my absurdity and he took the pains to ring up again on our telephone. I was ashamed and from my heart I saluted Shree Maharaj.

During 1986, I had come to Pune for the festival in the Math (Temple-Shrine). After the festival was over, Shree Maharaj made me to stay in the Math (Mutt) for few days. One day he called me and said you have to of to Mumbai tomorrow morning. You will have to bring one boy Subodh Date who is staying at Andheri, Mumbai to Pune.

Hence, I decided to go to Mumbai in the morning, then go to Andheri (Mumbai), bring Subodh Date to Dadar, and return to Pune along with Date by evening. Next day morning at 7 am , I took the blessings of Shree Maharaj , and started for Mumbai along with Shrinivas Moghe and our attendant Shri Yashwant Jadhav in a fiat car MFA 1404 , I myself was driving the car.

We crossed khopoli, Patalganga and going towards Panvel. It was about 10.15 am. The road between khopoli and Panvel had different one-way routes created for incoming and outgoing vehicles at different places. But these one way routes disappear suddenly in between and all the vehicles were forced to use the common road. Even due to the bad road conditions at certain places also, the vehicles were forced to use the common road.

We were going along the one-way road and that too on the left track of the road. A very few vehicles were running ahead of our car as well as on the rear side. But there was heavy traffic along Mumbai-Pune route including a number of trucks carrying goods and running at full speed. Slowly and slowly, I came to such a place about 200ft away from the actual spot where the different one-way route arrangement was to stop and only the two-way road (one for incoming and other for outgoing vehicles between Mumbai-Pune) was to start when I was about to enter this two-way road, suddenly, a bus of Reliance company came speeding fast, facing me along the same route, as I was proceeding, ahead the bus, had entered our route wrongly, instead of following its correct route, probably to save time.

In fact, one track on my right side was vacant, a I was driving on the left side of that vacant track. The Reliance bus could have passed me from the vacant track on my right side but that track was under repairs and big stones were kept in the track. The Reliance bus driver realised this late and as his bus was speeding very fast, there was no possibility at all for applying brakes and hence he diverted the bus along my track, and facing my car. The bus was coming at a very great speed facing my car along the same track and there was only a gap of 100teet between my car and his bus, facing each other. The situation was so bad, as I was not about to take my car to my left side, due to the fields at a very low level and the right side of the track was closed for repairs. I was put in a dangerous and precarious position and I felt my death was nearing me in the form of that speeding bus. Even if I had applied brake, the accident was certain. In fact, I was facing sure death.

Since the distance between my car and the speeding bus facing me was only about 100 feet no time was left for me to reduce the speed and out of fear without any alternative I diverted the car to the right track which was under repair and my car came on such a spot between the incoming and outgoing vehicles. Due to the spread out of sand in that spot my speeding car, slipped in the sand, turned upside down, whirled, and stopped. Now my car turned upside down was facing towards Pune instead of Mumbai. Infact, the Reliance bus, driver did not even stop the bus out of extreme fear and went away along the left track of the road, which was being used by me.

This incident took place so instantly that I was totally confused. I only remembered that particular moment when I was about to enter the jaws of death. When I realised that I was still alive, I started worrying for my two companions, assuming that something worst might have happened to them and out of fear I slowly looked to my side. But fortunately, my both companions were perfectly all right and I heaved a sigh of relief. All three came out of the car, which turned upside down. Many people crowded near my car, Luckily there was a petrol pump nearby with a telephone. I rang up my father and he was available at home. Even luck favored me and I got the connection in first attempt, as during that time, it used to take a number of attempts to get the connection and even my father was available. I gave my father all the details about my coming to Mumbai as well as about the accident. My father arranged to pick up Subodh Date from Andheri, and arranged to send him in another car to Panvel. Till the arrival of the car we waited in Shri Moghes house at Panvel.

From Panvel, we all came in the second car, to the spot where the accident took place. I would never be able to forget the sight of that accident in my life. Our car was lying there with four wheels facing the sky. All the people present at the accidental spot, certainly felt that nobody can escape death from that serious accident,. Miraculously none of us even got a single scratch. We all moved the car and set it on its wheels. The body of the car, was completely damaged and even in that damaged condition, the engine of the car started working. We handed over this damaged car to the driver who came from Mumbai and th4en we proceeded to Pune in the second car.

By the time we reached the temple shrine (Mutt) at Pune, it was about 4-4.30pm in the evening. Shree Maharaj was taking afternoon rest. When he woke up, we all paid obeisance to him and then I started telling him we were late as out car dashed against another vehicle a little. Immediately, Shree Maharaj exclaimed “it is good that Shree Swami Samarth saved you, otherwise, by now, you would have been dead! Whatever happened was for the good, Now you can go !” By the grace of Shree Maharaj, I had the opportunity to remember the saying during my lifetime that “Death had come but Time was not correct” (we had a narrow escape from disaster).

It was certain and there was no doubt that the omniscient and omnipresent Shree Maharaj, only, could pull us out safely from the jaws of death.