Shree Swami Samarth

Devotees Experiences

Experiences of Bhakta Shreshta Shree K.L. Walwalkar, Mumbai regarding Sadguru Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.

Important Extracts from ” Tuchi Baap Dhani


This incident took place in 1984. My C.A. Shri Parekh and myself were about to leave for Pune from Mumbai, to attend to some official work. Before starting for Pune, I telephoned Shree Maharaj and told him that I would be coming to Pune by Car Shree Maharaj asked “who is going to drive the Car ?” As usual I shall drive it”. I replied. There was a pause of few seconds and Shree Maharaj said “well, you come, Swami will protect”. I thought. ” For the last twenty years since 1964, I myself used to drive my car. But due to Shree Maharaj’s grace I never met with any accident. Shree Maharaj had never asked me as to who would drive the car. There how is it that he asked about it only today ? However, since Shree Maharaj had permitted us, we left for pune. In order to be able to reach Pune in time, I was driving the car at a speed of 80 km per hour. The car horn was not functioning properly when we were about 20 kms away from Pune, two bicycle riders were on our left pedaling their bicycles. I sounded the horn, and one of the cyclists suddenly turned to the right side and in the twinkling of an eye, I found him right in front of my car. I could not apply the brakes and the bicycle hit the bonnet. The bicycle rides first dashed against the front glass screen and then fell to the right side of the road. It was really a wonder that he was totally unhurt. In fact the fault was his only. At that time, some goons gathered near the car with the intention of making a capital out of the accident and extorting money from me. Then I thought that I was in trouble. But in a moment, some officer of the Bajaj company who was a witness to that accident came then on a motor bike and engaged the goons in some argument, trying to prove how I was not in wrong. When that was going on, I left the place along with the cyclist, in my car, without being noticed by the goons and went straight to the police station. The police noted the statement of the bicycle rider and to my surprise he gave in writing that the accident took place entirely due to his fault and there was no fault with the driver of the car. It was totally Shree Maharaj’s blessings that the cyclist gave a truthful statement. Further inspite of this accident, my car had not suffered any damage.