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Devotees Experiences

Experiences of Bhakta Shreshta Shree K.L. Walwalkar, Mumbai regarding Sadguru Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.

Important Extracts from ” Tuchi Baap Dhani

“Shree Maharaj’s All Prevading Spirit And Grace”

Shree Maharaj had specially told me to get fixed collapside steel doors at the main door and windows at my flat at Dadar. At the same time he had also told me to hand upon a wall of the drawing room the photograph of Shree Baba Maharaj. Both the things were got done as per the command of Shree Maharaj. The following incidence took place two years, after I got the above things done.

It was Sunday. During the evening time, my wife my nephew Amol who had come early from work. Wife Mrs. Aparan, were watching the Hindi Movie on the T.V. in the last room. Servants had already left. My son, Vikas had gone for a walk alongwith friends. At that time, I was with Shree Maharaj at Pune. Only three members were in the flat. AT that time, two armed thieves entered into our flat, with the intention of committing robbery. They were carrying a bag containing a rope, chilli powder a knife and pistol.

A few minutes before the burglars had entered my flat in Mumbai, at Pune, Shree Maharaj told me to contact my family members on telephone as he wanted to talk to them. Due to the phone call, all the three members came to the drawing room, to offend the telephone, which was close by the main entrance door.

As the collapside steel door, was not locked due to carelessness, the two thieves gained entry in the drawing through the main door. One thief had a knife pointing to the Amol’s chest and other thief had pointed a pistol at my wife’s forehead. My wife in a very frightened state looked at Shree Baba’s frawned Photograph and prayed in her mind.” ” Oh Baba, what is going on in your house ? Now you alone can take me out of this situation.” Soon there was a miracle. She saw a luminous ball of bright light in Shree Baba’s photograph. The very sight of the light made her totally fearless and peaceful in mind. Then she started to tell the thief who had pointed a pistol at her “in case you need my ornaments have them. If you want the keys of the safe, have them too”. Thus she kept him engaged in such a talk, then started moving slowly towards the door by moving along the side of the door. The thief thought that she was trying to go out of the door and hence he pressed the door tightly. Though her back was towards the light switchboard, my wife could press any mistake the emergency switch on the switch board. As a result of pressing this, emergency switch , a warning bell which we had fixed in the neighbouring flat as an emergency measure started ringing loudly. That sound created utter confusion in the minds of the thieves. Fearing that our neighbours would rush to our flat to help us, the thieves dropped their bag and took to their heels. A great ordeal was over and all my family members heaved a sigh of relief.

When we thought over the incident peacefully, we realised how Shree Mahaharj had forseen that incident years back and knew in advance even the minutest details of the events which were to place. Well, the instructions regarding the collapside steel door was clear. Shree Baba’s photograph, which had been fixed, in the drawing room, on the insistence of Shree Maharaj, had in fact provided my wife the needed courage to press the emergency switch. My nephew had also come early unexpectedly on that day. Certainly Shree Maharaj’s inspiration was behind it. It was Shree Maharaj command, I telephoned from Pune and all members came to the drawing room form the last, to attend the telephone.

From the above, it can be seen that the invisible hand of Shree Maharaj was working to remove all the difficulties. It was Shree Maharaj’s all pervading spirit and grace that had protected us.