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Experiences of Shri Uddav Khandekar Mumbai regarding Sadguru Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.

Important Extracts from ” Tuchi Baap Dhani

“You Still Have To Dance A Number Of Years, With The Flag Of Shree Baba Maharaj”

I met Shree Maharaj during 1947-48 in our village Khanu through my elderly brother Bapurao. Shree Maharaj had close friendly relations with Shri Bapurao, Shri Dattopant Joshi also from village Khanu and Dr. Mirashi from Village Pawas.

Whenever Shree Maharaj used to come to Mumbai, he used to stay in the Mulay boarding house in front of Dadar Railway Station, and I used to go there to meet Shree Maharaj for his blessings. Afterwards, year 1953 onwards Shree Maharaj used to stay in the house of Shri Pandurangrao Marballi at Talmakkiwadi, Tardeo, Grant Road, Mumbai. Shree Maharaj had maintained his temple in our house of Khanu for a few years.

My financial position was just satisfactory. I was serving in Morarjee Gokuldas Mill. While in service, my pay rise was topped but the same was restored by the blessings of Shree Maharaj. During the year 1973, when I underwent through a stomach operation, Shree Maharaj came to the hospital, blessed me with encouragement and staid “Do not get worried. You still have to dance a number of years with the flag of Shree Baba Maharaj.” This encouragement he gave me because during those years, I used to dance every year in front of the palanquin of Shree Baba Maharaj with his flag during the birthday celebrations.

A few days after the operation, the stitches of the wound were broken and there was a extremely serious problem. Fortunately my brother-in-law Dr. Haribhau Athalye realised this problem and he took a quick action and I was saved from the dangerous problems. I strongly felt that the blessings of Shree Maharaj with full assurance of protection had saved my life. As I was knowing the art of massaging the body, due to my habit of doing exercise, I got a number of chances of rendering service to Shree Maharaj by massaging his body. This also was a blessing from Shree Maharaj only whom I have respected as my sadguru (preceptor).