Shree Swami Samarth

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Experiences of Smt. Malati Kamalakar Walawalkar, Dadar, Mumbai regarding Sadguru Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.

Important Extracts from ” Tuchi Baap Dhani

“I Am The Same Person Whom You Saw In Your Dream”

This incident took place during the year 1956-57. At that time we were staying at Girgaum, Charni Road Rly station, Mumbai. I was not married. One night I got a vision of a saintly person in my dream. I had never seen this saintly person earlier anywhere. I did lot of thinking to know the where-abouts of this saintly person but did not succeed. Ultimately I thought that our family-deity might have manifested in the form of a saintly person, and abandoned the subject.

After sometime, I got an opportunity to meet Shree Maharaj . While paying obeisance to him, I looked at him and I was simply astonished because Shree Maharaj was the same saintly person whose vision I say in my dream. I said Shree Maharaj , I. Before I completed the sentence, Shree Maharaj said Yes,I was the same person whom you saw in your dream.I was simply astounded as well as happy also, because the person who gave me the vision in my dream was sitting before me and was a great saint and his words gave me the instant perception of his greatness, Omnipresence and all-witnessing knowledge. My implicit faith in Shree Maharaj started growing up day by day in his association during the last 34 years.

During the year 1968 my maternal home was in Girgaum, near charni Road railway station, Mumbai. One family by name Shri & Smt Wakade was our neighbour at that time. The husband and wife were very pious with absolute faith in the Lord Shiva. Daily both were meditating on Lord shiva. One day Shri Wakade Kaka(uncle) spoke to me make as per the doctor, your aunt(Smt. Wakade kaku) is having a tumour in her head. It has to be operated I am afraid. Please ask your Shree Maharaj about his advice.

Shri Wakade kaka was aware of my going to Shree Maharaj for the advice of Shree Maharaj , I went to Byculla, (Mumbai) as Shree Maharaj , in those days always Used to put up in the house of Shri Vasantrao Pandit at Byculla. When I informed Shree Maharaj about Smt Wakade Kaku, he told me to come the next day. Next day again I went to Shree Maharaj at Byculla. At that time Shree Maharaj said Malu, there is sufficient religious merit accumulated in the account of Smt. Wakade. Hence, she need not worry for any thing. The operation can be carried out without any fear. She will be perfectly okay. I informed Shri Wakade Kaka(uncle) the opinion of Shree Maharaj . A few days after this operation was carried out. It was a difficult operation and it went on for nine hours. But Smt. Wakade kaku(aunt) did not feel any trouble and the tumour was taken out. Next day when Shree Maharaj asked me about the well-being of Smt Wakade, I told him Shree Maharaj , by your kind grace, the operation was successful, and Smt Wakade kaku is perfectly okay. Only she is getting a severe headache. Shree Maharaj said Malu, do not worry. Here downstairs, there is one Cordage Plant( Panphuti or Ghaypat plant). You take two leaves of that plant and keep them on the head of Smt Wakade and she will start feeling better. By merely keeping two leaves of Cordage plant on the head, the elimination of the severe headache of the post-operation, was simply improbable. But a miracle took place. By so doing the severe headache of Smt Wakade kaku vanished for-ever. Till she lived, she did not get the headache.

After this , two-three years passed. Smt. Wakade kaku , one day, expressed her worry about the future of her youngest son and said I do not know at to what will happen to this boy after me. Malu, I am worried about him. Please ask Shree Maharaj .I referred this matter to Shree Maharaj . Shree Maharaj said immediately Malu, Smt Wakade is having enough religious merit inher store. You tell her not worry . Her son will improve and prosper in life. He will get married in time your Wakade kaku is having enough lifetime in balance. At the last moment of her life also, she will leave this world by merely feeling giddy and without any pains.

Some more years passed and by 1986 the tumour of Smt Wakade again grew up necessitating second operation. But it was a difficult situation. As per the doctor, the second operation might cause the death of the patient or insanity. In fact the doctor was not hopeful in carrying out the operation successfully. Hence the doctor asked Smt Wakade for her last wish and she said till the last moment I should be able to repeat the name of Shree Swami Samarth and this is my wish.

When the operation was over, the doctor Bhagwati was extremely surprised as the operation was totally successful beyond his expectation. The patient recovered immediately just as in an ordinary operation and was perfectly normal. There was no necessity of keeping the patient in an ICU inspite of the operation of the tumour in the head for the second time. Further there was no headache even which normally happens in the tumour operation.

After the second operation, Smt Wakade kaku was keeping good health and used to pass her time in devotional activities. As predicted by Shree Maharaj , her youngest son, about whom she was worried, got married and got a son and was leading a happy family life.

During 1973-74, Shree Maharaj used to put up in the Math(temple-shrine) of Shree Baba Maharaj at Dadar, Mumbai.

One day myself, my maternal sister-in-law, Smt Revati Mahajan and one lady from our building had been to Shree Maharaj for his blessings. It was afternoon time. Shree Maharaj was sitting quietly. As usual, we went in the temple-shrine of Shree Baba Maharaj and took blessings from the samadhi of Shree Baba Maharaj and then paid due obeisance to Shree Maharaj and when about to be seated, Shree Maharaj himself started remarking “some devotees come here and plead me to save their eyesights”

” Some of the devotees when they get married into the family of upper Brahmin caste do not follow the proper customs of the family and start eating non-vegetarian food and lower themselves morally “.

” and some devotees plead me for complete protection of their family along with their worries “.

When Shree Maharaj spoke about these different subjects, we could not follow the context of these three remarks immediately. But when we left the Math, after taking the blessings from Shree Maharaj and came out we discussed amongst us about the three remarks in detail. Then we understood the context which was as follows:-

About two to four days before hand, my maternal sister-in-law, Smt Revati Mahajan had developed some serious eye problem. When she approached the doctor for the check up, she became very nervous, under the presumption that she had to undergo an eye-operation, she pleaded Shree Maharaj to look after her eyesight as well as her health. Hence, the first remark of Shree Maharaj pertained to Smt Revati Mahajan.

The second remark pertained to the lady of our building who accompanied us. Though non-brahmin, she had married a Brahmin, but failed to observe the Brahmin customs. She induced her Brahmin husband to eat non-vegetarian food and drink liquor.

The third remark referred to me only because, the previous night, my husband and my son had gone out of Mumbai and I was alone and afraid. Hence I stood before the photo of Shree Maharaj and prayed Shree Maharaj , please take the welfare of my husband, my son and myself under your control. There is nobody else to look after us.

As per me, the above three remarks, Shree Maharaj could make by being at the Math only since he had, beyond all doubts, the intuitive knowledge as well as the all witnessing nature.

Once, I had been to Shree Maharaj , at Pune, on the day of the festival, Shree Maharaj asked me Malu, did I come in your dream? I could not remember anything. I was confused. By seeing my confused state of mind, Shree Maharaj spoke Malu, dont you remember that day, I fed you with my own hand, the curd-rice.

After hearing his words, I suddenly remembered my dream, which I got a few days back. Shree Maharaj had come in my dream. I was having my meal along with other people. At that time, Shree Maharaj had fed me the curd-rice with his own hands. I had not told about this dream to anybody. In fact, I myself forgot about this dream. But I recollected the same dream, when Shree Maharaj reminded me about the same at Pune. Dreams are not false. I was so happy when I realised that Shree Maharaj himself fed me in my dream and hence I salute with full sincerity the omniscient and divinely Shree Maharaj.

It was November month in the year 1988. I was in Pune at that time. I realised that Shree Maharaj was suffering from severe pain in his legs. Still he appeared to be in happy mood. I became very sad when I observed that even Shree Maharaj with divinity had to undergo physical pain.

Shree Maharaj read my mind and said Malu, when a needy man comes to you, as it necessitates you to give him some money so also, I suffer the pain and sickness of my devotees whoever approaches me. This pain in my legs is also one of such cases pertaining to that devotee who is walking outside safely at present. This case referred to Shri Nirokhekar a devotee, standing outside who fell from a scooter and got his legs injured, and this pain and injury Shree Maharaj accepted on behalf of Shri Nirokhekar. This might be a ground as to why a great saint like Shree Maharaj has been considered to be superior to god. My heart was simply overflowing with gratitude, when I realised that purely on compassionate grounds Shree Maharaj was to suffer pain and sorrow on behalf of his devotees.