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Hospital Map

Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust's
Bhaktashreshtha Kamalakarpant Laxman Walawalkar Hospital and Diagnostic Centre

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

The Hospital offers comprehensive services to Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and its surroundings. The following list gives a brief description of the different departments.


1. Dental

Full time Dental Surgeon is working in this hospital. Procedures done are Extraction of Tooth, Root Canalling, Cement Filling, Silver Filling, and Preparation of Dentures of Ceramic on type, Obturator plate for Cleft lip & Cleft palate patient on O.P.D. basis. Fracture mandibles, fracture maxilla; fracture orbital walls are treated by operations. Major Fascio - maxillary surgeries are also carried out at B.K.L.W. Hospital with the help of Fascio - maxillary surgeon visiting from Pune.

2. ENT

One full time ENT Surgeon is working in department. Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty, Stapedectomy, Tympanoplasty, etc. Operations are routinely performed. Audiometry is also done routinely on O.P.D. Basis.

3. Gastroenterology

Two general surgeons are working in department. Gastroscopy is done routinely on O.P.D. basis. Diagnostic Gastroscopy as well as therapeutic Sclerotherapy by Gastroscope is done routinely. Gastroscopy is helpful for diagnosing the Ca – Oesophagus, Ca – Stomach, Gastric Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer, etc. Biopsy is also taken by Gastroscope.

4. General Surgery

All types of operations are routinely performed. Hornitomy, cholecystectomy, Intestinal volvulus. Thyroidectomy, pancreatic cyst removal. O.T. is fully equipped with all types of equipments & instruments e.g. Defibrillator, pulse oxymeter, Boyle’s Machine, Quatery, O.T. Table, O.T. hamps, etc


5. Gynecology

Two gynecologists are working in the department. Normal deliveries, forceps, ventose, Tubectomy, holuer section cesarean section, hysterectomies, medical termination, of Pregnancies, ovarian cysts, resection, etc. Operations are performed. L. S. C. S. is done at 6500.00 Rs. only. It includes Doctor’s charges, Theater charges, Anesthesia charges, Drug Charges, Bed Charges, etc.

6. Laparoscopic Surgery

First normal delivery is free of cost. Subsequent 2nd & 3rd deliveries are done at Rs. 400.00 to Rs. 500.00 only. A team of Laparoscopic surgeons are regularly visiting from Pune & performing the Laparoscopic surgeries. Diagnostic laparoscopy, Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic intestinal resection, Laparoscopic tubule ligation, Laparoscopic hornitomy, & Laparoscopic appendicectomy, are performed. Charges of above surgeries are around Rs. 10,000.00 to 15,000.00 only.


7. Neurosurgery

All types of Head injury patients are admitted in I.C.U. Burr hole operation, depressed skill fracture, etc. operations are performed. Head injury patients are treated in I.C.U.

8. Ophthalmology

One full time ophthalmic surgeon is working in hospital. Cataract cases are operated with intra ocular lens implantation; squint correlation surgeries, eye transplant surgeries, Endoscopic surgeries, etc. are done in the department. Department is fully equipped with two microscopes, A – scan, slit lamp, Keratometer, indirect ophthalmoscope, etc. Separate Operation Theater is allotted for the eye surgery patients. Cataract cases are operated at the cost of 1500.00 Rs. These include drug charges, lens charges, bed charges, consultation charges, operative charges, investigation charges, one day food charges, etc. Poor patients are operated at concessional rate or free of cost. Up till now 1200 cataract cases are done free of cost.

9. Orthopedics

Two full time Orthopedicians are working in the department. One operation theater is allotted for the orthopedic surgeries. Fracture radins, Ulna, fracture humerns, fracture femur, fracture tiabia & fibula, cases are treated. Spine surgeries, Elisarao operation, intertraunchetric nailing, Endoscopic Disectomy, arthroscopy, etc. operations are performed.


10. Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries for Cleft lip & Cleft Palate patients are done free of cost. Cleft lip & Cleft palate cases require operations in two to three stages. Up till now 100 cases of Cleft lip & Cleft palate are operated free of cost.

11. Pediatric Surgery

Congenital duodenal atresia, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, imperforated anus, congenital hernia, hydroeula, etc. cases are operated successfully.

12. Urology

Operation Theater is well equipped with all the Urology Endoscopic instruments like Cytoscope, Ureteroscope, etc. Renal calculi, Ureteric calculi, Bladder calculi, Benign Enlargement of prostrate, Stricture Urethra.



1. Allergy

Clinic Allergic disease patients are seen by consulting physician.


Intensive cardiac unit has 10 beds. Acute myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, angina, cardiac arythramias, congestive cardiac failure, rheumatic valvular, heart disease cases etc. are treated in I.C.U. The I.C.U. is equipped with cardiac bed, cardiac monitors, and pulse ox – machine, infusion pump, and syringe pump, ventilator, and pave maker, mobile x – ray unit. Temporary pall maker can be put I.C.U. for cardiac patients. For cardiac evaluation stress Test and Color Doppler equipments are also available.

3. Dermatology

All types skin diseases patients are treated.

4. Endocrinology

All types of endocrinology disease patients treatment can be done.

5. Gastroenterology

Gastroscopy is the boon for gastroenterology department. Diagnostic as well as therapeutic Sclerotherapy can be done by Gastroscope. Ca Oesophagus, Ca stomach Esophageal varies gastric ulcer duodenal ulcer intestinal & colon cancer Ca rutum duperforation patients are treated.


6. Nephrology

Nephrology department has full fledged dialysis unit. 3 dialysis machines are available for the chronic kidney failure. AV fistula surgeries are also done by general surgeon. Acute as well as chronic renal failure patients are treated.

7. Neurology

Intracerebral bleed, cerebral infarcts, subdural haematoma epilepsy meningitis tubercular meningitis etc patients are treated.

8. Oncology

Oncosurgeries and chemotherapy is available for the cancer patients. All types of cancer patients are treated. Team of doctors are visiting to the hospital and treating the cancer patients. Oral malignancy ca Breast & Ca cervix cases are treated free of cost. Other types of cancer e.g. lymphomas, leukemias, Ca colon, Ca rectum, etc. are treated at charitable rates. TATA MEMORIAL CANCER HOSPITAL AND B.K.L.W. HOSPITAL, DIAGNOSTIC & RESEARCH CENTER has started the hospital the TATA MEMORIAL CENTER RURAL OUTREACH PROGRAM for the Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg district.


9. Psychiatry

Every monthly psychiatrist is visiting the hospital. Schizophrenia, Anxiety depression etc. cases are treated at the hospital.

10. Pulmonology

Acute respiratory distress syndromes acute bronchial asthma interstitial lung disease pulmonary Koch’s pleural effusion bronchitis pneumonia etc cases are treated in I.C.U. For artificial ventilation I.C.U. is equipped with adult as well as pediatric ventilator .

11. Pediatrics

Two full time pediatricians are working in the department. Neonatal I.C.U. is of 10 beds. Intrauterine growth retardation low birth weight babies acute respiratory distress, continental duodenal Artesia imperforated arms etc cases are treated.



1. Pathology
A - Profiles
  1. 1 Body Profile (A Group)
  2. 2 Body Profile (B Group)
  3. 3 Renal Profile
  4. 4 A.N.C. Profile
  5. 5 Lipid Profile
  6. 6 Pre-Operative Profile
  7. 7 Diabetic Profile
  8. 8 Liver Function Test (L.F.T.)
B - Clinical Pathology Investigations
  1. Urine Routine
  2. Urine Electrolytes
  3. Urine Pregnancy Test (Latex)
  4. Urine Pregnancy Test (Strip)
  5. 24 Hour Urine Albumin
  6. Urea Clearance
  7. Urine for Sugar & Ketone Bodies
  8. Creatinine Clearance
  9. 24 hour Urinary Uric Acid
  10. Stool Routine
  11. Sputum for AFB
  12. C.S.F. Routine + Cytology
  13. Pleaural Fluid
  14. Ascitic Fluid
  15. Fluid Cytology
  16. Fluid for malignancy
  17. Throat Swab
  18. Urethral Smear
  19. Prostratic Massage Fluid
  20. Gm Stain / Zn Stain
  21. Fungal Scrapping
  22. Skin Clipping
  23. PAP Smear
  24. Buccal Analysis (Barrbody)
  25. Semen Analysis H.S.A.
  26. Stool for Hanging Drop
  27. Stool Routine + Ph + Reducing substances
  28. Sputum Routine


D - Histopathology Investigations
  1. F.N.A.C.
  2. Biopsy
  3. Small specimen (for 2 blocks)
  4. Big specimen (for 5 blocks)
  5. Additional every block
  6. Special stain
  7. Review slide
E - Biochemistry Investigations
  1. B.S.L. F./PP/R
  2. B.S.L. F./PP/R
  3. Serum proteins & albumin
  4. B.S.L. PG
  5. Blood, Urea, Nitrogen (BUN)
  6. Serum Creatinine
  7. S.G.O.T.
  8. S.G.P.T.
  9. Serum Amylase
  10. a Amylase
  11. Alkaline Phosphates
  12. Serum Calcium
  13. Serum Phosphorus
  14. Serum Cholesterol
  15. Serum Triglycerides
  16. H.D.L.
  17. C.P.K.
  18. C.P.K. - MB
  19. LDH
  20. Serum Electrolytes
  21. Glucose Tolerence Test (G.T.T.)
  22. G.G.T.P.
  23. Serum iron & TIBC
  24. Serum Uric Acid
  25. Serum Sodium (Na+)
  26. Serum Potassium (K+)
  27. Serum Chloride (Cl -)
  28. Acid Phospalase
  29. Serum Bilirubin


F - Haematological Investigations
  1. Hemogram (Hb, TC, Dc, Blood Indices, ESR)
  2. CBC (Hb, PCV, ESR, Smear study)
  3. Haemoglobine / ESR
  4. Blood Indices
  5. Peripheral smear for MP
  6. Platelet Count
  7. Retic Count
  8. Absolute Eosinophilic Count
  9. Blood Grouping & Rh Typing
  10. Rh antobody titre
  11. Bleeding time / Clotting time (BT, CT)
  12. Osmotic Fragality Test (OFT)
  13. Sickling Test
  14. L.E. Cells
  15. G6PD
  16. Prothrombine Time (P.T.)
  17. PTT K
  18. Foetal Haemoglobine
  19. FDP (Qualitative)
  20. Bone Marrow Examination
  21. Glycosylated Hb
  22. Blood Grouping & Cross Matching
  23. Trop-T


G - Serological Investigations
  1. V.D.R.L
  2. Widal with Titre
  3. Mantaux Test (T.T.)
  4. R.A. Factor
  5. R.A. Titre
  6. A.S.O.
  7. A.S.O. Titre
  8. C.R.P
  9. Direct Coomb's Test
  10. Indirect Coomb's Test
  11. Australia Antigen (Latex) HbsAJ
  12. Australia Antigen (RPHA)
  13. Australia Antigen (Elisa)
  14. H.I.V. (Comb Aids)
  15. H.I.V. (Spot Test)
  16. H.I.V. (Elisa)
  17. V.D.R.L (T.P.H.A.)
  18. Australia Antigen (Strip)
  19. Mycodot Test
  20. I.C.T.
  21. Immunoassay for P. Falciparum


2. Radiology
Radiological Investigations
  1. Plain X-Ray
  2. U.S.G. With film
  3. Procedures
    a. IVU (5 films)
    b. Ba Meal (5 films)
    c. Ba FT (5 films)
    d. Ba Swallow (3 films)
    e. H.S.G. (3 films)
    f. M.C.U. + R.G.U. (5 films)
    g. M.C.U./R.G.U./Fistulogram Films (2)/(2)/(3)
    h. Ba Enema
  4. C.T.Scan
    a. Brain Plain/Orbits Plain/HRCT Temporal
    b. PNS
    c. Abdomen & Pelvis
    d. Chest/Neck/Upper Abdomen/Spine/Pelvis/Musculoskeletal
  5. Dental
  6. Additional Charges
    a. C.T. Film (Additional)
    b. Two views in X-Ray
    c. Emergency Charges - USG
    d. X-Ray
    e. C.T.
    f. Portable X-Ray (Per X-Ray)


3. Blood Bank Investigations
  1. Blood Group
  2. Cross Matching
  3. HIV Elisa
  4. HBsAg Elisa
  5. HCV Elisa
  6. VDRL
  7. DCT
  8. ICT
  9. Donor's Profile
  10. ANC Profile
  11. Blood Unit with replacement (IPD)
  12. Blood Unit with replacement (OPD)
  13. Blood Unit without replacement (IPD)
  14. Blood Unit without replacement (OPD)
4. Cardiology

(Required data not available )

5. Neurology

(Required data not available )



1. Accident & Emergency

Hospital is situated on Mumbai – Goa Highway. All the traffic accident patients are shifted to hospital for treatment. Hospital has trauma unit consisting of two general surgeons, two Orthopedicians, three staff nurses, two anesthetists, who are available for 24 hrs. Head injury patients, multiple fracture patients, different types of fracture, spinal cord injury, abdominal trauma like Spleenic rupture, DV perforation, liver tear injury, ectopic pregnancy, emergency L.S.C.S., bleeding esophageal varies etc. are treated in the hospital. Such type of patients are first examined in the casualty & then admitted immediately for further treatment.

2. Anesthesia

Two full time anesthetists are working in the hospital. Operation Theater is equipped with Boyle’s machine pulse – ox cardiac monitors defibrillators etc. All types of anesthesia e.g. general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, root block, regional block etc are given by the anesthetist.

3. Critical

Care All types of critically ill patients are treated in I.C.U. e.g. acute myocardial infarction, diabetic coma, cardiac arythramias, head injury, poisoning snake bite, scorpion sting, cerebra vascular accident, intracerebral bleed, head injury, acute bronchial, asthma, spinal injury, multiple fractures etc cases are treated in critical care.

4. Nursing

60 Nursing staff is working in the hospital. All nurses are trained & are diploma holders.

5. Operation

Theatre Three well equipped operation theaters are available - one theater is exclusively allotted for Ophthalmology, second one allotted for Orthopedic Surgeries and third one allotted for Surgical, Gynaec & ENT Operations. All major, Supra major surgeries like Cancer surgeries, Plastic Surgeries, Endoscopic surgeries, Spine surgeries are routinely done.



1. Blood Bank

Blood bank is approved by Maharashtra states relevant departments. Blood bags are utilized for hospital patients as well as for outside patients. Blood is tested for HIV HBsAg V.D.R.D. HCV Malaria atypical antibodies. Two refrigerators are provided for storing the blood bags.

2. Eye Bank

Eye bank is registered with Maharashtra State Government. Eye donation & eye transplantation done in the hospital.

3. Community Health

Full time community health physician is working in this department. Prevention is better than cure. Community heath department is running the following projects:

  1. Malnutrition Project
  2. Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Project
  3. Model Cancer Control program General camps are organized in the community for routine as well as special check up. E.g. cataract detection camp, diabetic camp, cardiac camp, Gynaec camp.
4. Industrial Health

Full time health physician is working in the department. Facilities provided are annual medical check up, industrial emergency, canteen hygiene, industrial health awareness etc. These facilities are provided to the nearby industries of Ratnagiri district also.