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Shree Vitthalrao Joshi Charities Trust's
Bhaktashreshtha Kamalakarpant Laxman Walawalkar Hospital and Diagnostic Centre

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Types of Operations Performed

Given here is a list of operations that are performed at the Hospital. This list is not a complete list, so for latest information please contact the Hospital directly.


Supra Major Plus
01. EMD with reconstruction.
02. Esophayectomy.
03. Whipple SY.
04. Reconstruction SY.

Supra Major
01. Total Thyroidectomy.
02. Radial Neck Dissection.
03. Total Gastrectomy.
04. Choledochodno Dorostomy.
05. Panereatiocojjnostomy.
06. Total Colectomy.
07. APR.
08. Inguinal Block Dissection.
09. Lobectomy.

Major Plus
01. Craniotomy.
02. V. P. Shunt.
03. Sub-Total Thyroidectomy.
04. Radical Parotidctomy.
05. Nephrolithotomy.
06. Total Amputation of Pews.
07. Excision Liver Cyst Mass.
08. CBD Exploration.
09. Suturing of Liver Tear.
10. Cholecsystojejunstomy.
11. Ramsted's OP"
12. Repair Myelomenigocele.
13. Splenectomy.
14. Nephrectomy.
15. Small Bowel Anastomosis-(TWO).
16. Partial Gastrectomy.
17. Thoracotomy.
18. Astorial Repair.
19. Fogarty Embolectomy.
20. Pycloplasty.
21. Hemicdectomy.

01. Hymithyroidectomy.
02. Excision of Thyroglossal Fistula.
03. Excision of Branchial Fistula.
04. Simple Perotidectomy.
05. Gastrojejunostomy + Vagotomy.
06. Ureteerotithotomy.
07. Partial Hernia Repair.
08. Inguinal Hernia Repair.
09. Urosilical Hernia Repair.
10. Incisional Hernia Repair.
11. Orchopexy.
12. Burrhole.
13. Lumber Sympathectomy.
14. Exploratory Laprotomy.
  a. D. U. Perforation.
  b. Adhesiolysis.
  c. Peritoneal Lavage.
  d. Drainage of Intraperitoreal Abscess.
  e. RA of Small Bowel - ONE.
15. Cholecystectomy.
16. Redical Mastectomy.
17. Open Prostatectomy.
18. Submandibular Gland Stripping.
19. Vericose Vain Stripping.
20. High Fistula Inano.
21. Pyelolithotomy.


Minor Procedures
01. Closed Reduction.
02. Spica.
03. Supracondylar.
04. Percutaneous "K" Wiring.
05. C. L. W. Suturing,etc.

Major Procedures
01. Fracture Neck.
02. Fracture Humerus.
03. Two Fracture.
04. Orthoscopy etc.

Supra Major Procedures
01. Spinal Surgeries.
02. Vascular Surgeries.
03. Polytrauema.
04. Replacement Surgeries.
Plaster Removal. Patient will have to purchase Plaster, Bandages, Orthopaedic Implants and other items.Patient will not be refunded any amount.


Wertheim's Hysterectomy. Abdominal or Vaginal Hysterectomy with A+P Only repair / A--P repair. D & C.
Tuboplasty. Fothergills or Shirrodkers Veginal repairs.
Shirodkers Abdominal Sling Operation. Diagnostic Laproscopy.
Ovarian Surgery.

a. Cervical Cauterization.
b. Endometrial Biopsy.


Normal Delivery.
Add. Forceps, Labour Room Charges, Tear suturing if any. - M. T. P
L. S. C. S. - Cervical Encirelage.
Emcredil Installation.- Manual Removal of Placenta.