Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #1 : Sou. Nirmalatai Neelkanthrao Khare (Daughter of Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj)

Extract from the letter written by Shree Maharaj to Sou. Nirmalatai Neelkanthrao Khare, Wardha dated 21/4/1973 printed in the Marathi book ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’

Received your letter and got the contents. Chi. Rajendra reached Pune comfortably. He had come here yesterday for Shree’s Darshan. He said he will come and stay here for two/three days. He is in good health. Do not worry. I have prayed at the feet of Shree Baba for the success in their examinations of all (your) children.

Chi. Sandhya will get proposal for marriage from either Nagpur & Amravati, somewhere from the nearby town from these two places itself. Continue your efforts. By the blessings of Shree Sadguru Baba, she will get married between next Margashirsha & Magh (Months). Undue worries will not help.

On 23/4/1973 I will go from here to Mumbai and from there (I will go) to Konkan. I think I should return to Pune around 22-23rd of May for two / three days. Let us see what happens.

Certain things are such that they can be discussed only when you meet personally. My life is entirely dedicated to Shree Baba, what I mean is, that he has got it (that way) dedicated and has accepted. Now this body is just a machine. Now this Machine works as per the directions of Shree Sadguru Baba. What further should I write about (it)?

There are certain rules and principles of this life-style and while behaving as per prescribed (rules and principles) some people will be happy or some others will get angry. But I am duty bound, as per the principles of the system to practice the prescribed principles, obediently.

If your health is not alright, please get yourself checked by a Doctor or a Vaidya and it would be better to get medical treatment done timely.

Many of the souls come together in a family in this world as per their good or bad intentions in the past life. So long as the intentions are complementary they have good relations with each other based on harmony, love and friendship. But as per their fate and law of karma when the intentions turn conflicting the same loving souls become bitter enemies of each other, so as to suit their conflicting purposes and start opposing and harassing each other. I have been consistently observing this play of the almighty which is rather difficult to grasp, being played (by the almighty) in this world in the form of men and women. Be quiet. Recite the god’s name (Nama-smaran). Utilize as much as available time for meditating on GOD. Be conscious about your own duties (towards others). As far as possible our behavior should be judicious, moral and as prescribed by the Religion. Basis of Conscious thinking, devotion and detached outlook benefits us and gives us a strong support of peace in human life. Peace and joy (is subjective) depends upon (our own) outlook. With the blessings of Shree Sadguru Baba you will get the best of all in life, be rest assured about that. His blessings are there for all your family members.

There’s lot of heat here also. Temperature has crossed 108 degrees Fahrenheit, in this month itself. Cost of living has considerably increased. Sufficient food grains are not available from the rationing shops. Sometimes even water is not available in sufficient quantity. I always say that we have to live as per the God’s wish.

Everything is alright, here in Shree’s abode (Sthan). Routine programmes are going on well. If we read the biographies of Shree Sant Namdeo Maharaj, Shree Dyaneshwar Maharaj, Shree Tukaram Maharaj, Shree Eknath Maharaj then we come to know as to how they were harassed by the society and in spite of their best of the dedication and devotion to the God, what ordeals they had to face (almost) every moment in their life. You are also aware as to how my Sadguru, Shree Sadguru Baba was ill-treated in Pune in various ways. ‘One has to face the fate as such, in order to get rid of it’ – Prarabdha karmana Bhogadeva Kshayha is only the TRUTH. Shree Sadguru Baba has undergone extreme harassment, at times, at the hands of (certain) people. Shree Sant Tukaram Maharaj has said in a verse:

‘(Oh Lord!) The body is controlled by its fate (as is predestined by you). Why should I carry its burden? I only desire that my body, senses and mind should constantly meditate about you. Oh Lord, there is no other (better) benefit than this (to be achieved) in life. Tuka (ram) says that I have been facing ordeals (in my life) because of my fate (past Karma).’

This is a very important verse (ABHANG) if we think of the meaning it conveys. I also recollect another Abhang (verse) of Shree Eknath Maharaj which is as under: ‘You are reciting his name with love. He has taken all your worries on to him. He takes care of all living (beings); will he leave you? Don’t get grief stricken about any thing; (The God) Laxmi-pati is observing everything. (Sant) Janardan’s (disciple) Eka (Eknath says) it’s the fate (based on past karma) which has to be faced and it gets nullified by the blessings of Shree Hari (God).’

If properly thought over, this verse also conveys an excellent meaning. Sant (Saints) say: One who is interested in his ultimate well being, should not leave this Nama (smaran).

Whenever you get time you recite ‘Om Namah Shiway’. If we consider your entire family then the Karma-fala has to be considered in all respects of yourself, your husband, your sons, your daughters, and likewise two brothers of your husband, and his one sister residing with you, your mother-in-law and then it can be predicted. Karma done by everyone through his Body, Senses and mental faculties in this life, and fate of everyone based on past karma and everyone’s behavior, thinking, utterances, eating habits etc. are to be considered in detail. It is said that ‘Behavior is the first principle’. After this is considered then whether all the prescribed religious practices according to their Kula are being followed or not, how is the behavioral pattern? How’s the house, where they stay? Also upon considering the place and the period something can be predicted about the whole family and (about the members) in that family.

You read Shivaleelamrit yourself. Also you read Biographies of Shree Sadguru Bidkar Maharaj, Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj and Bhagawat. Then you will get Peace and mental strength. Once again I (have to) write that you will be able to overcome all the ordeals and (odd) situations in life with the Blessings of Shree Sadguru Baba.

Namaskar to Shri Balasaheb, Granny, Shree Moropant and your sister-in-law. Blessings to Chi. Sandhya and Chi. Narendra.

I have today sent a money order in the name of Shree Arunrao, of Rs.20/- to Sou. Neera as Balantwida (gift to the newborn). Their address was given by Chi. Rajendra yesterday. Shri Balasaheb and you, both take care of your health.