Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #21 : Shri Vishwanathrao D. Prabhudesai, Esqr.

Letter written by Shree Maharaj to Shri Vishwanathrao D. Prabhudesai,Esqr, published in Third edition of ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’

Received your letter, sent with Chi. Shreeniwas and noted the contents. Please do not send anything by taking undue trouble. Everything is available here. Your love is appreciable. (But) God only needs you to (surrender in) devotion.

Method of Parayana of ‘Shree Gurucharitra’ in a week (Saptaha) is mentioned in the last Chapter (Adhyay). Do it accordingly. (For the Parayana) sitting at the same place, same aasana (seat), only one meal per day, no unnecessary chat, sleep on the floor (without mat) etc. are (some of) the rules prescribed. But (one should) observe as much as possible (for him to do) and the reading should be completed in solemnity with cleansed mind. On the last (7th) day (of the Parayana) a married couple should be given meals (Prasad), Dakshina (within one’s budget) along with a Shreefal (coconut).

Continue the Upasana (Bhajan) as much as possible and without undue strain. God seeks your devotion, a bit of service (sewa) is sufficient but the main thing is your emotional attachment (with him). Both of you are (always) remembered. Blessings to all children and Ushatai. Namaskar to all.

With Blessings,

V. G. Joshi