Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #24 : Shri Vishwanath Dattatreya Prabhudesai, Mumbai

Letter written by Shree Maharaj to Shri Raghunathrao Joshi,Esq, published in Third edition of ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’

Received your letter got its contents You have advised that you will return to Mumbai by March end, you will (return) accordingly.

Be assured that if one continues to do the exercise (Dhyan) punctually then with Gurukripa he (certainly) progresses on the (spiritual) path. If one recapitulates all the things done from Morning to Evening and dedicates all those (acts) to God, it’s good (for the spiritual progress). Discipline should be as possible as such. You would have visited Hrishikesh. Shri Banavali will get married on 1st May in Mumbai. Shri Rambhau Athalye had gone to your place for delivery of Prasad before 5/6 days. (As conveyed) by him all are well at your place. Tomorrow i.e. on 17/3/58, I shall proceed to Goa. I shall most probably return in the first week of May. Take care of your health. Blessings from Shri & Sou. Marballi to you.

With Blesssings

Shree Sadgurucharanraj,
V. G. Joshi