Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #25 : Shri Dr. Haribhau Bhalchandra Aathalye, Palghar

Letter written by Shree Maharaj to Dr. Haribhau Bhalchandra Aathalye, Palghar published in Third edition of ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’

Chi. Ra. Dr. Haribhau best of the Blessings of Shree Swami Krupa.

Received your note dated 27/10/66and the parcel sent along with it.

I am happy to note that both of you are well and that your Upasana is going on well. Upasana is the only support to all beings. Good or bad of all human beings depends upon that (Upasana). Only that (Upasana) goes along with beings. Hence both of you should continue the Upasana punctually every day. (I also note that) your practice continues to be well. I am happy (to note it). Occupation should be done and continued as if it’s Brahman. Shree Sadguru Baba used to say that one has to be very cautious in it (one’s own occupation).

You had informed that a new road is being done near your place; in future that (side) will be populated. Hence, please see (if you can acquire) land there for (your) house and for farming. I have told you about it, personally in the past.

Family can not be a lone domain. Male and female are the two wheels of the family vehicle. Both should balance the likes and dislikes of each other and should take (proper) care of the behavior with each other. Only then this vehicle will remain in good order. Your wife is still very young. That she is somewhat cold is a fact. But she has many other virtues like tidiness, cleanliness, Truthfulness, Loyalty, modesty. Her past life has been in a big family and that too in Mumbai. (Therefore) it is but natural that she feels lonely there. From her and the society’s point of view and for the security it is necessary and important for you to look for a place with good neighborhood for (both of) you to stay. Wife is not a home-servant or a coolie. She is goddess and queen of her empire (i.e. Home). If all the time she gets treatment which is painful or full of isolation then the house may not remain home but it will become jail. Wife is (good) colleague, a friend. She is Secretary. One should bear in mind that she is not a victim to be kept in jail, within four walls and under strict vigil. She is innocent and loving. It’s up to you to allow the development to the fullest scale of her (inborn) virtues, sensibly. Lotus flower develops to its full potential in good water and (then) all get its good fragrance. However, if it’s separated from water and kept in dry and cozy atmosphere then it fades and turns into dust. I have written this out of intuition from within. What Shree wants to convey out of this, you may please try to gather. I neither know anything more in it nor have I written it with any purpose behind (it).

More than money, respect or importance, Ladies seek good communication and relationship and they expect only that much from their husbands throughout their lifetime, (and) if she doesn’t get that much, her condition would be like a doll decorated with good clothes and ornaments. You only guess why Shree Sadguru asked me to write like this. Both of you are equal to me; rather I was introduced to your wife by you. First of all, you take care of her as much as Shree Sadguru would like his daughter-in-law to be treated and then experience & enjoy life as stated by Shree Tukaram Maharaj in one of his verse: (I will spread) happiness in entire (married) life as much as the entire world will be full of Joy. You want to look after home, farm, and cattle. (You also) want to celebrate Death & Birth anniversaries, perform rituals for earlier generations etc. One of the main teachings of Shree Sadguru Bidkar Maharaj is that one has to be tidy and careful in everything that we do. Earn lot of money and spend it spend it with pleasure for the good cause.

More when we meet. Tell your wife to continue Upasana. How much money to earn, education, family (members) etc. take place as is predefined by almighty. Be assured that Shree Sadguru Baba will (give) all that to you as per your Prarabdha. You concentrate on Upasana and do it punctually with loyalty. Please remember that husband is God for (married) women and play your role with pleasure. Convey her Blessings. Give her appropriate medicines.

Shree Sadgurucharanraj,
V. G. Joshi