Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #26 : Shri Neelkanthrao Khare, Wardha

Letter No.7 Dated 28/10/73, from Tuchi Baap Dhani 3rd edition

Shri Balasaheb, Esqr. Saprem Namaskar,
Everything is alright here, at Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj’s place. All the usual rituals and other programmes of Deepawali went on well. Now preparations are on for Shree’s Jayanti Utsav (Birth anniversary celebrations).

This year, even now the position of availability of food grains is bit awkward (due to) its inadequate supply. Despite this (Sewa) Mandal (organizing body) is celebrating Utsav slightly in a different fashion. Mandal will distribute Prasad on hand and will make arrangements for all other religious and other programmes.

All persons coming for Utsav will bring their ‘ration’ along with them and all the devotees will cook food for themselves collectively (out of that ration) in a common kitchen independently and separately. That department will be independent. I have given permission to Devotees for their separate stay and for (common kitchen for) cooking the food collectively out of the ration brought by them individually. This has been done considering various aspects of the legal provisions (in vogue).

Regarding entry of children for Utsav this year, the Mandal and I have decided to impose stringent norms. Children below 6 years of age will neither be permitted to stay in the temple premises (or around) during the period of 4 days of Utsav nor will they be allowed to be brought for any of the programmes (at the venue) under any pretext. I have cautioned and instructed all my relatives accordingly and that too in absolutely clear terms. Anybody found by me or the Mandal breaching this rule, will not be allowed by me to enter at Shree’s sthan (place) during the period of (those) four days’ of Utsav and even if they are from amongst my near relatives like Uncles (paternal / maternal), brothers, sisters, aunts, such persons will have to return, direct from the entrance gate.

I have told them that Shree Sadguru Baba’s this Utsav and this Sthan (place) is primarily for Mental & Spiritual progress of all human beings. Religious and spiritual rituals / programmes held during the Utsav are not of any use for the children. The programmes are for grown-ups and the children less than six years being innocent are not interested in anything except play-games, dancing and loitering freely with joy, eating & drinking and it is but natural and right during that tender age. Religious discourses, Kirtans & Bhajans etc. are not followed properly by even (some) elderly persons then how the innocent infants will understand about them? On the contrary they will create nuisance (pass urine/stool anywhere) or will shout and cry at the top of their voice and will disturb the spiritual programmes and will perfectly spoil the beauty of it. I have experienced this number of times in the past, hence I have instructed my concerned (persons) categorically.

I have firmly told about it to the devotees from Pune & Mumbai and have also told them to inform their relatives accordingly, equally firmly. I have informed you very plainly about what I have done. Because even if my duty is bitter I have to inform my all concerned persons accordingly and the DUTY is harsh & bitter (but) there is no alternative to it.

Namaskar to both of your brothers and sister. Blessings to Chi. Sou. Nirmalatai, Chi. Sou. Neela, Chi. Sou. Neera, Chi. Sou. Sandhya, Chi. Narendra, and Chi. Rajendra. Blessings also to sons & daughters and husbands of your both daughters.

Namaskar from Shri. Balasaheb & Shri Vaze kaka to you. It rained a lot in the past few days. Since yesterday it has somewhat stopped.

Shree Sadgurucharanraj,
V. G. Joshi