Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #28 : Shri Kamlakarpant L. Walawalkar, Mumbai

Letter No 39 published in ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’ 3rd Edition

Shri Walawalkar, Esqr, best of the Blessings of Shree Swami Krupa.
Work undertaken here is proceeding at medium pace. Shree Bajirao will meet you before coming here.

1) What happened about the Petrol pump land? Whether you received N.O.C., I.O.D. and C.C. or not, and whether your final meeting took place with Shri Kotibhaskar and Shri Uparikar or not. What happened about Shri Rane? Slumdwellers are to be given 250 sq. ft. Whether you are getting additional FSI in return or not. 2) Get all the things done at the earliest regarding Gokhale Road, Bole Road, and Ashlane (properties)

(We) have already received N.O.C. for Andheri. There approach road has already been commissioned. You were to obtain title Deeds of the (properties) on the other side from Collector i.e. between Gardy’s land and Housing Board, you must move expeditiously about it. Societies will have to be registered in the same land and all the things (supplementary to it) will have to be done at the earliest.

Preparatory work for HUDCO Loan has also to be expedited.

Arrange for all personnel from Engineers to Subordinate Staff and necessary Office equipments. It is absolutely essential from the Business point of view.

Give some work to Shri Shamrao’s Office at Malad, it will be useful in future.

In one or two days mangoes in 9boxes will be sent from Chiplun either in your or Shri Pandit’s name. Receive them and distribute one each as under: 1) Shri K. M. Tikekar, 2)Shri V. M. Tikekar, 3) S.D. Joshi, 4) Shri S. D. Muni, 5) Shri D. N. Banavali 6) Shri Pikale, Advocate, (through Banavali) 7) T. S. Tendolkar, 8)Shri K. L. Walawalkar, 9) Shri V. V. Pandit.

Blessings, to all at your, Shri Pandit’s and Shri Tikekar Brothers’ places. Blessings and Namaskar to all known and those having faith in god. Blessings to Shri Sharad Muni and all at his place. Namaskar from Shri Shamrao to all of you.

With Blessings,

Shree Sadgurucharanraj,
V. G. Joshi