Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #3 : Shreedhar Pant Joshi, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

Received today, your letter of February month, which was sent at Ratnagiri address. I am in Mumbai since February, in connection with the work of Shree Sadguru’s Samadhi Mandir. Work of obtaining some help, from here and there is going on. It has not yet gathered momentum. That’s it. Shree Gururaj will get his work done. We have only to keep up our efforts as medium. Why should I take upon me the Success or failure thereof, as if, I am, doing it all?

I was bit anguished to read the portion about Prarabdha Bhog (to live with the good or bad as per one’s fate). But even the Gods / Goddesses had to bear with the fate and therefore how can we with our Jeevadasha, expect to get rid of it? Only with the strength of continuity of prayers (Upasana) to the Almighty one can face even cruel fate with courage & stable mind and according to the Saints the devotees of the Almighty must face and nullify the fate.

Sometimes we feel that we offer so much of prayers but we observe that the more we get devoted to the God we have to face more obstacles and grief and it is at such time, that the devotee is likely to lose his balance of mind as he gets doubts (in his mind) as to ‘whether the God really exists? And if at all he is judicious then why (his) devotees have to face the ordeals and grief?’ This is due to the immature stage of the mind and is but natural.

The path of joy or the self realization has always been through series of obstacles. This has been the experience (of) all throughout. Because we recollect God only while in distress and it helps us considerably in understanding the hollowness / futility of life. Jeeva has been suffering due to its thinking that ‘I am the body and this everything is mine…’ throughout its several rebirths. This has to go and once we realize that I am not the body or nature but the one who is having his abode in the heart, who pervades entire universe and still exists in the form of supreme soul described as satchidand and once our consciousness has completely assimilated with it, then one does not feel anything about the fate. I have no relationship with the nature. I am totally detached from it and in state of ultimate blissfulness. Realization of this eternality and experiencing through our conscious mind our own image present in the eternity is Moksha. Here we have to recite ‘So aham’. Thus even Omkar becomes nonexistent then there is no question of any worldly attachments, Fate, Pleasure, Grief, myself or mine. That’s it.

If you look (and compare) at the period of Sadhana done by Shree Sadguru Revered Shree 1008 Shreedharswami Maharaj then we realize that the almighty has kept me in a much better position. Who is free from bondage and grief in this world? That’s it. Your Guru Shree Swamiji is great. He understands everything. Take total refuge in him then as per fate Shree Ramaraya will do all good. Condition yourself for attainment of Moksha (Titiksha). There are recurring tests in Spirituality. One who stands these tests alone will progress. Once the stiff upward path is over then the downward (journey) will start. Hence one has to climb the steep upward path quitely in a slow motion.

Ovi :

Pleasure after Grief and Grief after Pleasure is an age old law. (One has to) Suffer as per (one’s) fate. But one should not get shaken from within.

Like Jeeva and Shiva, the God and holy Atman are one. One has to realize it with his own experience. Shree Hari is the mahamaya. (If one) perceives as such it gets extinguished. Concentrate (your) mind on Shree Hari. One will survive with good company. Dedicate your Pleasure and grief to Shree Hari. Ask for his Devotion.

One has to live in this world with a realization within that this world is transitory. Whose wife, children (and) whose relatives? It’s like (what we see in) dreams. They have all just assembled below a tree and Jeeva got involved (with them) emotionally. If one continuously meditates on prayers the Jeeva gets free from emotional attachment.

When oneness (Adwait) is realized then within it is like bliss (of Satchidanand) everywhere. Shivaya Namaha. Everything is of Shiva. Dedicate everything to him (that belongs to him). Shiva alone is TRUTH, and full of Joy; (this) uniqueness has to be developed.

Meditate with mind and conscious on Shiva and preserve it within. Once (this) rhythm is achieved the Body and Ego get completely assimilated with Shiva. Das (Shree Maharaj) says, this has to be experienced with total devotion and with the blessings of Shree Sadguru.

Om Tatsat.

That’s it. One never knows as to Fate of which birth will emerge (when) for our suffering. But I am one (Atman).This (my) body also is suffering from the fate as what you have written about. And with Gurukrupa (I am bearing it) fearlessly and Shree Gururaj is also taking (complete) care.

Your wife is very pious. You and she should pray Shree Ramarai with deep commitment then at right time he will take you both to his abode. I have no doubt about that. Perhaps Shree Swami will come to (Sajjan)gad on forthcoming Das Navami ; if possible meet him and experience yourself.

How about children? Have their thread ceremonies been performed? Do they go to school? Are Arvind and others alright? It’s ok. The god alone takes care of everybody. (And) we have to live as he keeps us.

Swami Swaroopananda writes to you and his blessings are with you. Sometimes (I) receive letter (from him).

Shri Dr. Mirashi is alright. He has also initiated meditation. Rest all are alright. Shall meet (you) in person when Shree Hari brings (me) there by chance. I am only a small child. (You) all take care of me. Send blessings. Be happy. Namaste to Sou. Vahini and blessings to Arvind and all others.

With regards,

Shree Sadgurucharanraj,