Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #39 : To Ku. Shakuntala Gajanan Shewade, Baroda

Extract from the letter written by Shree Maharaj to ToKu. Shakuntala Gajanan Shewade, Baroda., published in Third edition of ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’

Kumari Chi. Shakuntalabai Shewade, Best of the Blessings of Swami Krupa. Received your Registered letter dated 13/8/70 and 12 Rakhi sent along with it. Sister sends Rakhi to her brother likewise we are happy to receive Rakhi from you. Delighted. With this letter two Rakhi are sent for your brothers as Shree’s Prasad. Give those to your brothers.

Namasmaran of God done consistently with acute concentration and pious devotion slowly removes bad habits and bad desires and the mind, Chitta get stable and cleansed. It’s the experience of many and the saints also tell (the same thing).

Your Money Order for only Rs.11/- will be accepted only this time. But do not send M.O. in future time and again.

You have just joined Service. I feel considering your future life in solitude try to save money as much as possible for future in the Bank except the amount required for routine monthly expenses and expenses for medication. That is what I feel, think over this, consult your mother and brothers and do whatever you deem right.

Eternal creator remembers every living being. He doesn’t forget anybody. Living beings forget the eternal Atman within and dissipate over destructible short lived pleasures and hence get involved in the vicious circle of life and death.


Leave desires (and) urge (to achieve). Ego should not be there. 1.
Once ego is left the light of soul is seen. 2.
The flame is within which facilitates Mukti 3.
Once love develops for Atman, Jeevagranthi & doubts break away. 4.
Das says, learn to enjoy the Atman with that the Dwait breaks away. 5.

Shree’s Photo and book will be sent by registered post to you on Tuesday. Take care of health. Take medicines. Do not get agitated it only spoils the life. Namaskar to your Mother and Brothers.

Hereafter Angara (holy ash) and Prasad will be sent to you every month.

With Blessings,

V. G. Joshi