Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #4 : Haribhau Bhalchandra Athavle, Palghar, Maharashtra.

Received your letter and the contents are noted. I am happy to note that both of you are continuing your Upasana very well. Jeeva has main support of Upasana alone. While Jeeva is in this world, in the ….. Form it has the company of many other Jeevas in different forms. But the eternal god within is alone permanent companion of Jeeva throughout its journey of Birth & Death. There is never separation from him. Companions, friends of different births get separated. But this eternal god from within who (can free the soul from) the cycle of life and death is unique. I am not Jeeva but (I am the same) eternal God. To meet that eternal God by constant meditation and getting assimilated with him by leaving Jeevadasha is the prime and real duty of every Jeeva born as a human being. You have taken Darshan of Shree Sadguru Baba during his avatar in (human) body form and he has also blessed you. He alone will ably take care of your interests and welfare. I have sincerely prayed at Shree’s feet for the supreme well-being of you both.


Always recite the name of Guru (consciously), thinking of what is transitory and (what is) eternal (1)

With conscious thinking be on the path of devotion. (and) Meditate continuously in segregation (2)

Concentrate on the transition (period) of two thoughts, which will avoid the worldly pains. (3)

Continue the Upasana of Lord Bhavani Shankar and trust that holy Atman alone is the Truth. (4)

Always surrender at the feet of Shree Sadguru unequivocally. (5)

Always recollect Shree Sadguru at every breath which will unite (one with Sadguru) both. (6)

Das (Shree Digambardas) says Shree Sadguru is (the Supreme) God of all Gods should be the firm faith out of devotion. (7)

Your wife is now mentally stable and her Upasana is also going all well is complementary to her. Inform (me) after you receive the cancellation order of transfer for some time due to rainy season (ahead). In the meanwhile please survey for a place for independent practice in better localities. Please get the land purchased (by you) near Manor, transferred in your name and sell it if (you) get a good price. I am going to Mumbai today. I shall return here on 7th or 8th. Blessings to your wife. Namaskar to you from Shri Balasaheb and shri Vaze.

With Blessings.
Yours, ShreeSadgurucharanraj,