Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #5 : Shree Annarao Alias J. K. Athavle, Vileparle, Mumbai.

Received your both the post-cards dated 3rd and 4th and understood the contents.

In the interests of welfare of the community the action of imparting Knowledge should continue without any break. Fresh crop is crushed with the help of a wooden rod in order remove the waste and separate food grains, similarly the action of crushing ignorance or the perverse knowledge with the ‘Knowledge – rod’ is necessary.

Indian dress clean and washed one, is the best and pious. Even if the flow and drops of knowledge are flowing and are being sprinkled everywhere, as per the rule of Kaliyuga, the society tends to loose faith. In order to preserve the Faith, Knowledge and Devotion has to be gently spread. If the faithlessness spreads everywhere the Knowledge and Devotion are (visibly) lost as if (they are) locked in a Box. That box of Faith and Devotion has to be constantly illuminated and with its light the flame of Knowledge with the gentle support of Devotion has to be constantly spread amongst the living beings in the interests (of welfare) of their lives.

I feel, it must be the role in the spread of Faith, Devotion and knowledge, whatever almighty has entrusted to you; my humble wisdom feels it that way.


” Faith, Devotion, Knowledge should widely spread in the world. Every moment, put in your efforts for that.(1)”

” Crushing (of perverse knowledge) should continue in the interests of welfare of the living beings to break the (cycle of) Clash, Life & Death. (2)”

” Let the flow of Knowledge touch everyone (which will) destroy the Darkness of lack of Knowledge. (3)”

” With the Discourses on Shruti, Smruti and Purana (Veda, Upanishads and Puranas) the faith will fully flourish. (4)

” If the Faith is lost the Living beings will get proactive on the wrong (prohibited) path. (5)”

” Das (Shree Maharaj) says the God keeps the flag of Religion flying high through the saints. (6)”

” Shree Sadgurucharanarvindarpanamastu.”

Namaskar and blessings to all as applicable. Shree’s Jayanti Utsav is on Tuesday, the 14/11/78.

Yours, ShreeSadgurucharanraj,