Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #7 : Sow. Kamalabai Padmakar Shevade, Baroda – 2

Received your letter dated 7/1/75 and understood the contents. Your three children are doing their respective studies (more or less) neatly and are also offering some prayers to God. That’s alright. Convey blessings to them. (I also read that Tution) Classes of Chi. Shakuntala and you stitching work is going on well. Good. Convey my blessings to her also.

Whatever Upasana you are doing personally along with all your household obligations is sufficient. Nama smaran should be done continuously (and) quietly. You should firmly bear in mind that you are progressing well and leaving aside all worries, sacrifice whatever actions are performed through your body, utterances, mind at the feet of the God everyday. Don’t have ego about all the actions done by you or do not expect any fruit of your actions performed. For a person in family life, whatever good or bad all actions that are required to be performed, have to be performed as a God’s wish and as required by the Destiny, whether they bring pleasure or pain, without expecting any fruit out of that; it is a service to the God in the world. Even if work is completed one should bear in mind that it is as per wish of the GOD and should not be over jubilant. If the work remains incomplete then also it should be deemed to be the God’s wish and one should not feel sad about it. In life, it is very important to live witnessing everything consciously. It is to be always borne in mind that, one is alone either when we come to this world or when we go away from this world.

Namaskar to all elderly persons in your family. Namaskar to your husband and blessings to all children.

With Blessings,
Yours, ShreeSadgurucharanraj,