Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #8 : Sow. Kamalabai Padmakar Shevade, Baroda – 3

Received your letter. (I have) Offered prayers at the feet of Shree Sadguru that Chi. Shubhada’s marriage (ceremony) on 5th December should pass on well.

Continue whatever Upasana you are doing as it may be possible for you to do. You have (family responsibilities) as a household lady. To serve all the family members along with your husband is also service to the God. Only thing is that it should be performed without ego and expectations and the same should be dedicated to the God.

This (itself) is the entire service (SEWA). There is no reason to add any other sundries.


“Abode of God is always in your Heart. Recollect that Mukund (Vishnu) day and night. (1)”

“Utter his name, Observe him with eyes, (And) your conscious should be in Atman (2)”

“One should serve him with his Body, Utterances, Mind. One should remain without attachments in this world. (3)”

“Sadhaka should master to remain without any attachment, aloof (in this world) (4)”

“Das (Shree Digambardas) says it is best to take (Dhyas) of that Hari to obtain Moksha. (5)”

Here at Shree’s sthan (abode) preparations are going on for the Birth anniversary. Jayanti (Birth anniversary) is on 14/11/78. My health is alright. Blessings and Namaskar to all as appropriate at your place.

With Blessings,