<h1>Shree  Swami Samarth</h1>

Various platforms for the future Nobel Laureates

It is high time we stop only discussing about the need to motivate the children and give them real life experiences. We are already in action. The future scientists, philosophers, artists need to be nurtured right now. We are starting the following clubs :

1. Vruksha Mitra (Friends of the Trees) movement .

2. Aryabhatt Sky Gazers Club.

3. Kalidas Katta.


Vruksha Mitra (Friends of the Trees) movement

Vruksha Mitra (Friends of the Trees) movement . Our students are fortunate to be born in the nature which is rich in flora and fauna. In order to inculcate scientific attitude amongst the children this club will have activities such as plantation of the trees, visiting different regions to observe and study the botanical life. During Diwali vacation a Forest Camp will be organized for the students of std. VII to IX.



Aryabhatt Sky Gazers Club

Once upon a time India was way ahead of the rest of the world in scientific systems which were purely based on scientific investigations and scientific methods. Aryabhatt was one of the greatest astronomers and mathemati-cians. In his honour we have organized this club where the children will have opportunity to study the cosmic bodies.

Aryabhatt Sky Gazers Club


We organize overnight camps to observe the sky through telescope. We invite experts from Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai to guide us. This is actual picture of the moon seen from our telescope.



Kalidas Katta

Mahakavi Kalidas ignites the poetic aspirations. To bring out the artistic potentials of our students we are organizing activity club called Kalidas Kutta where children will have opportunity to express themselves in the form of poetry , composition, etc.


A character coming alive from Shakuntal



Personality Development Program

Personality Development is a continuous process. The physical, mental, intellectual and social factors continue to shape a person. The extra sensitive and the absorbing young minds need to be influenced very sensibly. In today’s chaotic world each child needs to have a confident & positive mind set. So apart from intellectual inputs we are determined to provide value-rich atmosphere in the school. We want to make a child self dependent, disciplined, socially conscious, environment friendly. All the school activities have been designed in harmony.



As a part of Personality Development Program we are starting House System from this academic year. Ruby House (Red, Sun, Intellectual power); Sapphire House (Blue, Wheel of justice, Serenity, Creativity and Moral values); Emerald House (Green, Blossom, Prosperity, Innovative & Peaceful); Topaz House (Yellow, Unity & Strength). All the students from std. I to XII will be divided into these four houses.
There will be additional activities such as Horse Riding & Rifle Shooting.