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As a part of enriched academic program, we organize quite a few workshops for the teachers and the students. These workshops are conducted by the experts from Pune and Mumbai. This way we try to keep up with the modern trends and developments in educational fields.

School conducts free workshop for Middle School and High School Scholarship exams and S.S.C. exams for the students and teachers.

We organize vacation classes for S.S.C. and H.S.C. students.

We conduct workshops to give children work experience such as flower making, pot decoration, wall hanging, paper bags and paper art, painting, etc.

We will be planning Personality Development camp where children will be camping away from the civilization. They will be learning not only the academic skills such as observation, cataloguing and analyzing but also life saving skills in jungle.

We arrange reorientation program for teachers and students to develop English Conversational Skills.

Workshops for Teachers







S.S.C. Guidance Camp -

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