Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter 1 – From Dr. Harindranath Chattopadhya

[Extract from Tuchi Baap Dhani – page 464]


Time and Space are,in reality, twin processes of the Mysterious, which, from time to time, patiently goes seeking a worthy vessel to pour itself into; and only he becomes worthy who has gone beyond time and space.

Such a being, the unsuspected repressentative of the Formless, assuming a normal form, apparently fulfilling every mundane detail of daily existence, while being secretly loyal to the invisible master piece of the Eternal. In a true sense, all of us, without exception, are part of that Mystery, but do not contain it. Our ancestors, ever amidst us, have done so much and so much to unravel the twisted layers of mustery, intricasies of the secret of death and birth, and, indeed, the most apparetly comlicated, yet the simplest of all : the secret of the SELF which appears baffling to most of us.

In order to help us discover it, without our suspecting it, the unique being happens, just happens; and it was hardly a week ago that i came face to face with a FACE, Glowing with illumination; without the least small trace of an intruding mask, spontaneous even of high-born sweetness born of dignified unassumingness. There was no pose about his poise which continued, every fraction of a second transforming for him every second to a golden everlastingness.

He moved about through the hall of the magnificient ashram, like a boat; spreading a halcyon sail gifted with the knowledge of every shore that was every man, woman and child.

Simplicity and spontaneity pervaded his human from emanating a sense of peace. He was indeed an event which happens invariably to come to the rescue of tired humanity. It appears to me that while man waits for God to happen – God waits for such a man to happen, to shoulder his responsibility. First and foremost, Maharaj is a normal human being to whom no human instinct is taboo. He does not restrict the rainbow from getting intoxicated with its own colours embraced by the boundless sky, while he seems to ever be striving to instil the seven colours an ache to look for the eighth; and the wisdom that colours always present in life, ultimately must arrive at the knowledge of the Colourless at its heart core.

Maharaj is what I should like to call “Man-God” instead of “God-Man”. I have known of so many “God-Man” live a glamarous life resembling that of film actors; showy, highly publicised, superior, loud with God-brag. Our Man-God Maharaj excepts nothing from anybody; totally exiled from a need for publicity. It is his always to give and never to take. If at all he takes, he takes away human anxities, difficulties, inner darkness, giving in exchange relief and succour to those who are in need of them. Without making it obvious he takes upon himself the chains entagling the life of his devotees helping them on to a silent but sure sense of liberation.

In Maharaj’s eyes there dwells a “Near far awayness” combined with a “Far away nearness” – eyes ripe with seeing beyond sight at which only such rare one arrive, who see not with the eyes but through the eyes.

“SINCE he is passive in the world of God
He is also active in the world of man”

Maharaj belongs to the world on man in an authentic sense precisely since he belongs to the world of God, secretly, nesting at the core of his heart and being. His attentive care for all those who come to his ashram (PUNE-DERVAN), irrespective of Caste or creed, rich or poor,does not belong to unearth that blindly divides man from man. In him his Guru obviously feels an unbroken and unbreakable continuance.

When I saw him I was reminded of my own lines,

“Draw the arrow from its quiver,
speed it threw tranquility;
learn to flow like to a river,
While being rooted like a tree.”

SALUTATIONS to you MAHARAJ; You who flow, like to a river while being rooted, like a tree.

Dr. Harindranath Chattopadhyaya