Innovation In Programme Design

‘Yojak Tatra Durlabhah’ – This age old Hindu philisophy that nobody is useless, only one should know how to get the work done and make best use of the human resources. This principle has been put to use in the designing the Employment Guarantee Scheme. The Trust has been in the forefront in breaking fresh grounds with respect to the designing of its activities / programmes so as to make them more realistic and result oriented. The most innovative of the organisation’s program has been the one regarding employment. The organisation arranges for employment to all those who seek for it. Thus the organisation guarantees work for all aspirants from Dervan and it’s surrounding villages. This is done without any discrimination on Sex, Caste, Creed, Religion etc.

An individual is thus made to possess the potential for self-upliftment by inspiring a self-esteem within him. In the past, village folks in this region would not earn even sufficient money for their sustenance. One cannot expect such people to dream about practising the eternal values in their life. Therefore the trusts assist them in their struggle for survivalthrough various schemes. Each project of the Trusts have innovative ideas in their design.

The Trusts undertake projects for conservation of nature like :

  • Tree plantation with the help of local people and giving them awareness training and incentives to take care of the trees.
  • Donating oxen to the villagers for farming and ensuring their proper care. It also helps the villagers to get their cows fertilized by superior species of oxen which otherwise are likely to extinct.
  • To ensure social harmony and self-realisation, the Trusts organise various religious and cultural programs. It also organises memory recitation competitions for children and teenagers annually.
  • In order to stop flow of villagers to the city for jobs, the Trusts teach them how to do productive farming and assists them financially and otherwise to get better quality seeds and fertilizers.

“Give them a fish and they are fed for a day. But teach them fishing and they can feed themselves for lifetime.” The Trusts believe in making people self-reliant and thus help people to the extent that they can earn their livelihood in respectable manner. The Trust’s role can be likened to that of the soil which helps and nourishes a tree to grow but at the same time is completely different from the tree itself.

Further, the organisation has recognized that a person should have sufficient security of food, clothing and shelter before he / she can be imbibed with true human values. Thus there are programs aimed at fulfilling the above-mentioned needs (to certain extent due to limited funds) some of them are :

  • Distribution of Sugar, Rice and Edible oils during festive season at prices less than even those of the Government run Public Distribution System.
  • Free distribution of clothes at least twice a year to the poor villagers, farmers and land labourers.
  • Free distribution of roof-tiles to replace thatched roof.

Further to the security in material terms what is important is the availability of affordable health-care facilities so as to have a healthy society. Thus the Trust has constructed at Dervan, a 40 bed (at present 70 beds) hospital named Bhaktashreshtha Kamlakarpant Laxman Walawalkar Hospital and Diagnostic Center with all the modern state-of-the-art health-care facilities like CT scan, X-ray machines, Dialysis unit, a full fledged Pathological laboratory with AIDS detection facility. But what is important is that these facilities are made available to the poor people at considerably reduced rates which are about one-fifth the rates prevailing elsewhere. The Organisation supplements this activity with other natural extensions of health-care like village camps for educating people about their health, free treatment to Tuberculosis (T.B.) patients, AIDS awareness etc.

Finally there comes the need of guiding and educating a physically healthy society about true human values to take care of it’s mental health so as to strike a balance between material and spiritual life which is what is required as indicated in Indian scriptures. The organisation thinks that in today’s age – where there is a serious dearth of role-models for building a healthy society, it should take out a leaf out of the glorious past for guiding the people on the path of humanity. Thus to imbibe in people the values of justice, righteousness and valour, a memorial ahs been built in the memory of the great Indian King Shivaji, who was the personification of the above-mentioned values. The memorial is built at Dervan, about 290Km. South of Mumbai. It is built in the form of a fort with life-size statues of King Shivaji and his army of warriors, depicting several memorable events from his life. The place has earned a reputation with people for being an inspiring tribute to the best values among humanity and hence is thronged by visitors everyday (3,000 on an average daily and 10,000 on an average on holidays.) The place has been a tremendous attraction for school children who are made aware here of their duty towards their motherland and the society.

The Trust runs special vedic school where ancient Hindu Scriptures are taught in the traditional way so as to keep the tradition alive and protect our heritage.

There are many religious faiths in the world. It is necessary that everyone lives according to his own religious faith. The Trust works on this principle of Lord Krishna

“Swadharme Nidhanam Shreya Paradharmo Bhayaavaha”

“it is better to live and die while following one’s own faith rather than adopt other’s faith; the latter shall lead one to disaster.” This principle in order to be imbibed deeply in everyone’s mind, the Trust organises various discourses in Ratnagiri district, Pune and Mumbai cities. The aim is to ensure that people understand the truth that all religious faiths in this universe are created by the Almighty God with due regard to the needs of time and place and for the benefit of humanity and that the ultimate aim is “self-realisation”. Then only a human being lives and works like a human being with responsibility, with obligation towards his family, society and Nation. Else he would behave like an animal and the whole society will get destroyed. These discourses have helped people of these villages and cities live a normal and peaceful life, full of content.