Long Term Impact

Through it’s activities, the Trusts aim at influencing material and spiritual aspects of human life so as to inculcate in people true human values. This leads to people living a healthy and satisfied life, which in turn leads to a healthy society. It is a widely accepted fact that the first step in improving the lives of people is to reduce their sufferings. The efforts taken by the Trusts in thus regard for the last 28 years have borne fruit in the form of the following things :

  1. Love for their motherland and realisation of one’s duty towards it.
  2. Increase in the area under cultivation and increase in prodcutivity.
  3. Increase in literacy.
  4. Improvement in the health and hygiene of people.
  5. Reduction in the number of people addicted to narcotic substances.
  6. Increased awareness regarding consevation of forests and overall environment.
  7. Increased awareness regarding cattle-care.
  8. Increase in the number of people who are self-employed in agriculture and related activities.
  9. An atmosphere of amity and brotherhood in the villages.

The organisation has been touching issues of broader interest like :

  1. Construction of dams.
  2. Construction of roads and bridges.
  3. Construction and repairs of schools.
  4. Construction and repair of religious places.

Thus, as millions of our countrymen languish in poverty, denied of even basic necessities of life as the State’s actions remain inadequate, the Trust has taken upon itself to improve the life of people in whatever manner possible. At the same time, it also preserves the age-old traditional values which only can lead the society out of the darkness of materialism that has engulfed the society today.