<h1>Shree  Swami Samarth</h1>

Extraordinary Contributions

Note: The information given below is not up-to-date. The amount of work done is constantly increasing everyday.

1. Work is Worship
  a. Number of people given employment One Million
2. Helping Hand for Handicapped & Underpriviliged
  a. No. of patients treated every month 2,000
  b. Amount subsidized per month Rs.80,000
3. Free Medical Aid
  a. No. of patients treated per month 200
  b. Total Amount spent on Medicine and Medical Aid so far Rs.15,84,000
4. Medical & Awarness Camps
  a. No. of Camps conducted per year 76
  b. No. of people benefitted 25,000
  c. Average cost of each camp Rs.5,000
  d. Total Amount spent till today Rs.3,80,000
5. Roof Over Your Head
  a. Total no. of houses provided with "Mangalore Tiles" 1,538
  b. No.of villages covered so far 136
  c. Total cost of the Tiles Rs.30,57,603
6. Feed The Hungry
  a. Lunch provided every year to no.of Villagers 25,000
  b. Total cost of the project so far Rs.53,00,000
  c. No.of Ration Cards arranged so far 650
  d. Total subsidy for edible oil, sugar, rice, etc. Rs.8,00,000
7. Built, Repaired, Renovated
  a. Total no. of School buildings repaired so far 45
  b. Total cost of the repairing Rs.22,00,000
8. Temples Repaired / Renovated
  a. Total no. of Temples repaired so far 75
  b. Total cost of the Repairs Rs.18,00,000
9. Scholarships / Books / Stationary / School Uniforms
  a. Scholarships provided every year to
     1. Primary School Students 250
     2. Higher Education Students 50
     3. Professional Course Students 15
  b. Total no.of students given books/stationary so far 8,000
  c. Total no.of students given uniform so far 3,000
  d. Total cost for providing books/stationary/uniform/scholarship Rs.17,50,000
10. Providing Drinking Water
  a. No. of Tankers providing drinking water everyday between March to June 2
  b. Total amount spent on this activity so far Rs.77,00,000
  c. No. of Villages covered 16
  d. No. of Wadies (rural colony) covered per day 8
11. Bore Wells
  a. No. of Borewells installed so far 20
  b. Total cost so far Rs.7,00,000
12. Roads / Bridges
  a. Total kms of Road constructed 10 km
  b. Total no. of Bridges built 4
  c. Total amount spent so far Rs.2,58,10,000
13. Eradicating Dowry Practice
  a. Total no. of girls got married so far 90
  b. Total amount spent so far Rs.17,00,000
14. Woollen Blankets
  a. No. of blankets provided so far 5,900
  b. Total cost of the Blankets Rs.9,80,000
15. Back To Your Homes & Hearth
  a. No. of Oxen provided so far 40
  b. Total cost for the oxen provided Rs.40,000
16. Clothes
  a. Total amount spent on clothes so far Rs.2,50,00,000
  b. Total no. of sarees distributed so far 25,000
17. Employment Guarantee Scheme
  a. Total no. of people provided work so far 11,88,000
  b. Total amount spent so far as wages Rs.2,97,00,000
18. Happy Children Lead to a Prosperous Nation
  a. No. of Balwadis (kindergarten) established 45
  b. The amount spent on the project so far Rs.5,00,000
  c. Total Amount spent on toys and playing equipment Rs.8,00,000
19. Seminars / Symposiums / Regular Discourses
  a. No. of Programmes arranged 200
  b. Total amount spent so far Rs.40,00,000
20. Training Programmes for Teachers
  a. No. of Programmes arranged 4
  b. No. of Teachers benefited 137
  c. No. of students benefited 2,000
  d. Total amount spent Rs.1,50,000
21. Seminars conducted for Doctors
  a. The no. of seminars conducted 98
  b. The amount spent on the project Rs.1,96,000
22. History : The Harbinger of Future
  a. The no. of people visit daily the Shiv Samarth Gad 3,000
  b. The amount spent on the project Rs.3,00,00,000
23. Garden Park
  a. The no. of children who play in the Park 200
  b. Total amount spent on Maintainance Rs.20,00,000
24. Pipe Line
  a. Total amount spent for Pipe Lines Rs.3,00,000
  b. Total amount spent for underground drainages Rs.2,00,000
25. Feed Their Cattle
  a. Total amount spent for distribution of Grass Rs.8,00,000
26. Free Eye Camp
  a. Total no. of patients benefitted 1,134
  b. Total no. of children who got vision 25
  c. Total amount spent for the above Rs.55,00,000
  d. Total no. of children given hearing aids 27
  e. Total amount spent for giving hearing aid Rs.1,30,000
28. Free Toilets for women (R.C.C.)
  a. Total no.of Toilets constructed 16
  b. Total amount spent Rs.5,00,000
The above projects are only a few to mention. Both Trusts strive continuously for the alleviating of human suffering of the villagers on an ongoing basis without discrimination of caste, creed or religion.