Shree Sant Digambarbaba Wahalkar

Shree Sant Digambarbaba Maharaj was born during in year 1872 in a village Wahal from Chiplun Taluka; and was named Shri Ramchandra Narsimha Wahalkar. He was married and was having two daughters and his both daughters were happily married.

Until the age of 29 years, he was in service. He was empolyed by one wellknown lawyer Shri Nanal to look after the miscellaneous works like property matters etc. Due to some difference of opinion with the employer, he resigned from the job out of disgust and went to the village Sawarde, Chiplun Taluka, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra State, Western India. There he sat in front of the Lord Dattatreya temple under a fig tree, without clothes, without food for seven days chanting Gods name (Namsmaran) continuously. On the eighth day, some villagers gave him food.

Shree Sant Digambarbaba Wahalkar

During this period of eight days, he had the Divine Vision of Akkalkot-Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth, because of which he lost all outward consciousness, but he was continuously chanting Gods name. He even lost his awareness for food and clothes. Villagers started calling him as Digambarbaba.

Shri Wahalkarbua’s wife and other friends and relatives tried their best to divert his attention towards family life but it failed and one fine day, without informing anybody, he left Sawarde and came to Markandi a small place in Chiplun Taluka, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra State, Western India and met a great saint Shree Gopalbua Kelkar Maharaj. Shree Gopalbua Maharaj initiated him as a disciple.

Thereafter Shri Wahalkarbua performed rigorous tapasya (penance) for nearly 12 to 14 years. During this period he was blessed by many great saints like Shree Sant Gondvalekar Maharaj, Shree Tembe Swami,Shree Chounde Maharaj, Shree Narayan Maharaj Kedgaonkar, Shree SaiBaba, Shree Vagdev Maharaj, Shree Gadge Maharaj, Shree Kaka Puranik Maharaj.

Thereafter, he went on an extensive pilgrimage right from KanyaKumari at South India to Himalayas at North India, met a number of philosophers and saints, and discussed with them about spiritual matters. On the way, he stayed in a number of places like Pandharpur, Nashik, Banaras, Gaya, Rameshwar, SajjanGad, Vani, Narsobawadi etc. During the pilgrimage, his wife also accompanied him. She was also very much devoted to God and made fast progress in the realm of spiritualism.

The first meeting between Shree Sadguru Digambardas Maharaj and Shree Wahalkarbua took place during 1942. Shree Digambardas Maharaj always offered his obeisance to Shree Wahalkarbua and in turn Shree Wahalkarbua showered his love and affection on Shree Digambardas Maharaj. In the first meeting between the two, Shree Wahalkarbua remarked, “Your Sadguru (Shree Baba Maharaj) has already blessed you with graciousness. I cannot give you anything better or more than that. But I can shower a mother’s affection on you“.

From the time he left job till the public recognized him, Shree Wahalkarbua had undergone lot of harassment from the people.

It is observed from the past that whoever seek God or a person who is in a fully realized condition always faces some kind of opposition and harassment from the public. In the past also, the great Saints had undergone similar harassment. It is possible that God might be testing his devotees. Since Shree Wahalkarbua had surrendered himself totally at the feet of God, he came out with flying colours by the grace of God and those who tried to harass him had to accept defeat.

He took Mahasamadhi [the last conscious communion with God] on January 19, 1951 in the vicinity of the temple of Shree Swami Samarth and Lord Dattatreya.