Shree Swami Samarth

Letters to Devotees by Shree Maharaj

Letter #17 : Shri Dinkar Banavali, Esq

Letter written by Shree Maharaj to Shri Dinkar Banavali, Esq, published in Third edition of ‘Tuchi Baap Dhani’ (letter No.26)

Chi. Ra. Dinu, Best of the Blessings of Shree Swami Krupa, Received your letter and noted its contents. Eternal God is the only supreme authority to decide on the fruits of one’s deeds. When the fruit will blossom out (of one’s deeds) it is perceived by him alone. Prayers are most important and the Prayers have immeasurable strength. Sustained prayer without any selfish motive is the only duty of human beings.

Your mind must have achieved stability, by now. Please bear in mind to ‘Wait, Watch and See’ now. I believe that instead of thinking about why this (or that) has happened, the only duty cast on human beings is to totally surrender to the Supreme God and to be mindful of their own obligations.

What’s the progress of Shri Sharadbhai’s work? Is there any substance in it or not?

A souvenir is to be published for raising funds for (initiating charitable activities through) Shri Seetarambuwa Walawalkar Public charitable Trust. Basic Plans for the (proposed) Souvenir are ready. Selling Tickets (of Charity Show), Collecting Advertisements, getting the Souvenir printed etc. is a great job. (Charity Show of) ‘Swayamsiddha’ (Marathi) drama is scheduled on Ashwin Shuddha Ashtami i.e. Monday, 20/10/1969. It’s 20th of August, today. Mandal has only two months at its disposal for this work now. Every person should bestow keen interest in this work as if it is his own, involve in the project with deep personal commitment and should now put his best foot forward. Simply drawing plans (on paper) will not help. None should say ‘What do I have to do with (this work)? I will start when others do it. Why I should alone spend my time? I also have my family commitments’ etc. Instead of speaking like this if all persons involve themselves with keen personal interest as it was agreed in the past then the work can certainly be completed at the earliest. So now all persons, shedding their lethargy, should take up the work (with new zeal) so that it is completed well in time.

Shri Sapre kaka and Shri Gurjar Padhye have also joined in our work. Tell Vishnupant Chiplunkar and Rajabhau Pathak also to work with enthusiasm etc. I will write letter to them in 1-2 days. Give this message to all our volunteers. Involve Shri V.D.Desai, esqr. Engineer, Pratapbhai Doshi and others in this work. Also tell my Namaskar to all of them and that all should start working. You also shed your depressed mood (Udasinata) and do Upasana as much as possible. You should concentrate on improving the sources of your employment as much as possible. I clearly feel that your future depends only on that.

VERSE: God is the creator of this world. He is the guardian of this world. He is the Destroyer of everything. This game (cycle) goes on in this world. The Supreme power is the one which creates all these three Gods. The original creator of this supreme power is the only true GOD. (that) True God is the Atman occupying (our) Heart. (One) should totally surrender to him (and) have oneness with him. As the mother craves for her child the creator (the father) of this world craves for his Devotees. Endeavour to achieve oneness only with him, if achieved he will become a legend. Unite with (the true meaning of) ‘Tat Twam Asi’ and get emancipated through assimilation. Das says, this devotion – game is only known to (Shree) Hari.

With regards,

V. G. Joshi