Short Biography of Shree Maharaj

Birth Place and Family History

‘Konkan’ – Birth Place

Sadguru Shree Vitthalrao Ganesh Joshi (Shree Maharaj alias Shree Digambardas Maharaj) was born in a small village called Pomendi in the Konkan region of the state of Maharashtra.

Konkan region, remembered as the ‘Land of Saints’ is made up of small coastal villages, which are adorned by vast, dense forests with small houses appearing like hermitages of saints located far distances from each other. Everyone would be amazed with the beauty of the canals and gardens decorated by nature with coconut and beetle nut trees, fruits and flowers.

Family History

The Joshi Family (shandilya Gotra) originally from ‘Warawadi’ a place near Ganapatipule in the Ratnagiri District, left for the ‘Pomendi’ village about 2000 years back and established themselves. Pomendi is a beautiful little village situated on the slope of a hill. There are Brahmin families settled on both sides of the canal in Pomendi. In total, there are about 12 houses and only 5 of them may have electricity connection as of today. Due to water shortage and barren land at the slope of the hill, the families slowly started to move out desserting the village.

The Temple of ‘Shree Laxmi Keshav’, the family God of the Joshi family is located in the village of ‘Kolisare’ near Warawadi village. Also, ‘Shree Jogeshwari Devi’, the family Goddess is located in the town of ‘Ambejogai’ in Marathwada.

The Three Ancestors of the Joshi Family who first moved from Warawadi to Pomendi were Shree Nakdev, Shree Kandev and Shree Dhakdev. Originally Pomendi Village was owned by a Maratha Man ‘Shree Sawant’ called as the ‘Khot’ of the village.

Later, Shree Sawant handed over the village to the Joshi Family. The Joshi Family now known as the ‘Khot’ managed the administration, maintenance, development etc of the entire village. The tasks were delegated equally to the three Joshi brothers as follows:

– Administration by Shree Nakdev

– Agriculture and Tax Recovery by Shree Kandev

– Village Temple Maintenance by Shree Dhakdev

The Joshi family, over a number of years had accumulated great wealth in the form of land, houses, gold and cash. But they always thanked Lord Prabhu Ram for their prosperity. They even built a private temple in Pomendi for Lord Prabhu Ram. They would worship daily and celebrate various festivals at the temple by organizing prayers and inviting the villagers for the feast.

Since the Joshi family was the head of the village, the house was always busy with guests from all around the region including relatives, Government Officials, religious followers, travellers, brahmins etc.

In short, it was always a happy and prosperous family that was extremely religious, virtuous and highly devoted to God.

Since the maintenance of all the temples was with the third Joshi family naturally this family was always in the continuous contact with all the religious works and there by the faith in God was very firm.

In such a family of deep faith in God, Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj took birth.

Late Shri Sakharampant was the great grandfather of Shree Digambardas Maharaj alias Shree Maharaj.


At present, there is nobody from Shri Kashinathpant clan.