A short biography of "Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj Sahasrabuddhe"Alias
"Shree Sadguru Vasudevananta Saraswati"

Miracles and Devotee Experiences – 2

Dr Manohar’s Experience

Shree Baba Maharaj had lost interest in the worldly affairs and always remained in a disembodied state. Dr. Manohar Jog stayed in pune, for his education. At the time he was just 15 year old. Once, Manohar went to Shree Baba Maharaj to pay his obeisance. He was very much attracted with the dignified and lustrous form of Shree Baba Maharaj. From that day onwards, he started rendering service to Shree Baba Maharaj with full devotion. Pleased with his devotion, Shree Baba Maharaj often asked Manohar, “What do you want? “. Manohar sometimes asked either for a banana or a date fruit. Then Shree Baba Maharaj would slide his hand under the mattress, take some money out and give it to him. This went on a regular basis. Manohar frequently cleaned Shree Baba Maharaj’s house and he had never seen any money below the mattress. When he mentioned this, Shree Baba Maharaj would reply “I took out money from below the mattress and gave it to you”. Manohar still had his doubts and was not completely satisfied with the answer.

Once he cleaned the house and gave special attention at cleaning the bed, the mattress and carpet. He was fully convinced that there was not a single coin under the mattress. When Shree Baba Maharaj came and sat on the bed, Manohar intentionally asked for money to buy a banana. As usual Shree Baba Maharaj put his hand below the mattress, took out a coin and gave it to Manohar. Manohar was astonished beyond measure.

Dr. Vasudeo Narayan Chitale’s Experience

When Dr. Chitale was a medical student, he stayed in Pune. Very often he went to Shree Baba Maharaj for blessings. After completing the final year exams, he had been to Shree Baba Maharaj to seek his blessings. Shree Baba Maharaj told him to lift the bed mattress and take out a four-anna coin kept under the bed. Dr. Chitale lifted the mattress and was simply taken aback to find all 100 rupee notes spread under the mattress. But he could not find any four-anna coin. When Dr. Chitale informed this to Shree Baba Maharaj, he was again asked to look for the four-anna coin under the mattress. So Dr. Chitale lifted the mattress again and what a great surprise! All the 100 rupee notes vanished and only one four-anna coin was glittering there!.

Dr. Chitale had one more experience. Shree Baba Maharaj had ordered him to carry on meditation as well as Namsmaran at 3.10 a.m. every morning. It was a strange experience of Dr. Chitale that he always woke up exactly at 3.10 a.m. without exception, even under adverse circumstances.

Yamaraj obeys Shree Baba Maharaj

Shri Kshirasagar was employed in Kesari Newspaper as a Chief Proof Corrector. One day, he got a visionary insight that his mundane existence would end by a particular date. In the same department he had a subordinate Shri Kale who was a great devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj. When Shri Kale came to know about the visionary insight of Shri Kshirasagar, he informed Shree Baba Maharaj about this. Shree Baba Maharaj asked Shri Kale to put a cross mark against the particular date on the calendar.

Shri Kale informed Shri Kshirasagar that the very action of putting a cross mark on the calendar against that particular date by Shree Baba Maharaj meant that Shri Kshirasagar would escape death. But Shri Kshirasagar did not believe this. Hence as per the premonition, on that particular date, he took up a sitting posture and waited for his death with closed eyes. But instead of death he got a marvellous visionary sight, which totally surprised him.

As per that visionary sight, he saw a dialogue going on between Shree Baba Maharaj and Yamaraj. He also observed that Shree Baba Maharaj was requesting Yamaraj to spare the life of Shri Kshirasagar. There was some argument on this subject and finally, Yamaraj with due honour to the request of Shree Baba Maharaj, spared the life of Shri Kshirasagar and went away.
It was a great miracle. By himself experiencing the uncommon divine power of Shree Baba Maharaj, Shri Kshirasagar was highly impressed and became a devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj.

Shri Kale cured of Typhoid Fever

Once Shri Kale, a close devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj fell sick due to typhoid. Even after month and a half, the fever did not recede. Shri Gokhale a devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj, who had come to seek his blessings, told Shree Baba Maharaj that Shri Kale was seriously suffering from typhoid fever and that he might not survive. By hearing these words, Shree Baba Maharaj, along with four to five devotees went to Shri Kale’s house.

Shree Baba Maharaj with his divine sight, beheld Shri Kale closely and attentively, then asked him to rub his entire body with angara46. Further Shree Baba Maharaj told Shri Kale “Why were you sleeping like a lazy person? Get up and from tomorrow onwards go for work”. So saying Shree Baba Maharaj left. Shri Kale recovered immediately and completely the same day and resumed work, just as Shree Baba Maharaj had instructed him to. This was a great miracle for Shri Kale who just shortly before was on his deathbed.

Indeed Shri Kale was among the fortunate who experienced Shree Baba Maharaj’s divine power.

The Treasury Always Remained Full

Shri Bivalkarbua, President of Shri Samarth Ramdas Seva Mandal, was collecting funds for the Mandal .

One day he got a message from Shree Baba Maharaj, which said, “Send me five rupees from your fund”. Shri Bivalkarbua was rather surprised by this message. Even then, as per the message he sent five rupees. After the receipt of five rupees, Shree Baba Maharaj sent a five paise copper coin in return. Nobody could unravel this mystery as to why this five paise coin was sent.

Shri Bivalkarbua was equally surprised, but after careful consideration, he finally credited that five paise copper coin into the treasury of Lord Rama. By doing this it turned out that from that day onwards, the treasury of Lord Rama always remained full. Thus was the grace of Shree Baba Maharaj.

Two hundred year old Samadhi & Nandi

Shri Chandrakant Shankar Bendre, a gentleman, came to Shree Baba Maharaj since 1947, to seek blessings. He was a devotee of Lord Jyotiba. In his mansion there was a two hundred years old Samadhi of an unknown saint from Nathpanth. There was also a Nandi installed on top of the Samadhi.

Once Shree Baba Maharaj along with his devotee Shri Gokhale came to Shri Bendre’s house. There Shree Baba Maharaj went around the entire house and finally to the upper story of the building and sat down. Then he spoke to Shri Bendre, “Henceforth you should give daily ceremonial ablution to the Nandi, installed in your house. That Nandi is none other than myself”.

Later on when Shri Bendre went to Shree Baba Maharaj to take his blessings, he told Shree Baba Maharaj “Because of Shri Gokhale, you came to my house and honoured me with your blessings”. Shree Baba Maharaj exclaimed “It was not Shri Gokhale but your Nandi who brought me to your house!”

Fig Tree emerges by itself

Once a gentleman gave Singapore coconut saplings to Shree Baba Maharaj. Shri Bendre was present there at the time. Shree Baba Maharaj gave these saplings to Shri Bendre for planting them in his garden. Shri Bendre asked, “Should I plant a fig sapling along with these plants?”. Shree Baba Maharaj replied, “Not required. Just plant these coconut saplings for now and the fig sapling will come up spontaneously”.

As per the words of Shree Baba Maharaj, after about five years, the fig sapling came up spontaneously at the same spot where the coconut saplings were planted and later on it had grown into a big tree.

Shree Baba Maharaj’s Horoscope

Shri Shankar Balwant Sarole, a carpenter, went to seek blessings from Shree Baba Maharaj for the first time in 1948. He was surprised to hear Shree Baba Maharaj saying, “Come Jyotishibua”. Shri Sarole was very amazed, since astrology was his hobby and Shree Baba Maharaj had recognised this fact even though he had met him for the first time.

Then Shree Baba Maharaj gave his horoscope to Shri Sarole. When Shri Sarole concentrated on that horoscope, everything in front of his eyes vanished and he could see only whitish unclouded sky spread everywhere. This condition continued for nearly eight days. After that his eyesight was restored. Then Shree Baba Maharaj gave him permission to pursue astrology.

Once Shree Baba Maharaj asked Shri Sarole “What items are to be taken during travelling?” Then Shree Baba Maharaj himself replied, ” a course woollen blanket, one stick, one double pack sack, having its opening in the middle. In addition, we also require Kamadhenu, Kalpataru and a Chintamani along with us”. Shri Sarole asked Shree Baba Maharaj “Where am I going for travelling?” But Shree Baba Maharaj did not reply & just kept quiet.

When Shri Sarole returned home, his friend Khadilkar asked him whether he would like to come for a pilgrimage. Then Shri Sarole immediately remembered the conversion he had earlier with Shree Baba Maharaj and was very much surprised.

By considering his friends proposal for pilgrimage, as a blessing of Shree Baba Maharaj, he immediately agreed for the same. Thus he visited holy places, like Akkalkot, Tulajapur, Shirdi, Pandharpur and Kolhapur Maharashtra, and also Ganagapur, Karnatak, without spending a single paisa. Indeed this was one of Shree Baba Maharaj’s Divine Leela.

Shri Nana’s Daughter cured of sever Illness

Shri Nana Pol, also known as Vishnu Martand, from Kalyan, the son- in- law of Shri Kulgaonkar Joshi, also a devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj, came to seek blessings from Shree Baba Maharaj since 1948.

The 21/2 year old daughter of Shri Pol, fell sick and in spite of long treatment from a doctor, could not get well. Ultimately Shri Pol went to Pune and told Shree Baba Maharaj about the severe sickness of his daughter. Shree Baba Maharaj told Shri Pol, “The sea is the dwelling place of Lord Vishnu who rests on the coil of Sheshshai. So on Narali Poornima day you should enter the sea water up to knee-deep and perform pooja of the coconut with religious rites and offer the same to Lord Vishnu”.

Shri Pol went to Mumbai for the Narali Poornima Day, which was due after two days. On that day, Shri Pol went to Chowpaty to perform pooja. He observed that all the Gujarathi Brahmans were busy in performing Pooja for other people and no one was available for him to perform his pooja. But luckily, all of a sudden one Maharashtrian Brahmin appeared there from somewhere and asked Shri Pol as to whether he would like to perform the Pooja ceremony of the coconut. Thus through that Brahmin, Shri Pol performed the Pooja and then went into the knee deep seawater and offered the coconut to the sea after invoking the name of Lord Vishnu, strictly following the instructions of Shree Baba Maharaj.

When Shri Pol returned home, he was very much surprised to find his daughter recovering from the sever illness and from that day onwards she was completely cured by the kind grace of Shree Baba Maharaj.