Guru Charitra - Complete Biography of Shree Akkalkot Niwasi Swami Samarth MaharajTranslation of Hindi Book "Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Ki Avatar Leela"

The Guru (preceptor) of Lord Dattatrey

Lord Dattatrey is honoured as a Jagadguru[1]. He himself had twenty-four preceptors. He closely observed different qualities in this world and accepted only those qualities favourable for one’s accomplishment. He rejected unfavourable qualities.

  1. From Earth, Lord Dattatrey accepted the qualities of forgiveness and calmness.
  2. From Air, He accepted the qualities of non-attachment and purity.
  3. From Sky, He accepted the qualities of equality, aloofness, oneness, and cleanliness.
  4. From water, He accepted cleanliness and uniformity.
  5. From Fire, He accepted aloofness, lustre and brilliance.
  6. From Moon, He learned that this soul remains unaffected in spite of the existence of emotions in human body.
  7. From the Sun, He realized about aloofness and benevolence
  8. From the Pigeon, He learned that excess love and attachment could lead to damage.
  9. From the Python, He learned to lie down quietly without any physical action, since whatever is meant to happen, will happen in any case.
  10. From the Sea, He accepted the qualities of earnestness and modesty.
  11. He learned from a Moth that if one gets enamoured and clings, their Self would be destroyed.
  12. He learned from the Bee that the tendency towards excessive collection brings destruction.
  13. He learned from the Elephant that because of its carelessness, it gets entangled in difficulties and has to become a slave of his partner. Hence one should avoid the company of a woman.
  14. He learned from the Black bee that one should try to gain without inflicting pain on anybody else.
  15. He learned from the Deer that it is dangerous to become engrossed in music and loose focus. One should always remain alert.
  16. He learned from Fish that envy or jealousy could lead to death.
  17. He learned from the Courtesan that one couldn’t be completely happy and get good sleep if they have many expectations. For one’s rescue, one should be self-supporting.
  18. He learned from a Bird-lapwing (Titavi) that unwanted savings bring destruction in the end.
  19. He learned from a Young Boy that one should forsake respect, disrespect, and anxiety.
  20. He learned from a Maiden and her bracelets that solitude is always excellent
  21. He learned from a Snake that one should live alone and without any contacts.
  22. He learned the importance of concentration in one’s work from the Blacksmith.
  23. A Black Bee is an enemy of a worm and out of fear, the worm contemplates on the black bee to such an extent that the worm itself becomes a black bee. Hence Lord Dattatrey realized the importance of concentration and contemplation from the worm.
  24. He learned from a Female Spider that in the expansion, creation and destruction, there is ‘Advait’ (The doctrine that identifies universe with God).

In this manner, by accepting favourable qualities and rejecting unfavourable qualities, Lord Dattatrey became a ‘Jagadguru’.

[1]Jagadguru: The preceptor of the world.