Pilgrimage To Gokarn-Mahabaleshwar

During the pilgrimage to Gokarn-Mahabaleshwar in Karnataka, Shree Baba Maharaj along with the devotees had been put up in the house of a family priest Shri Joglekar. This, Vedmurthy, Shri Joglekar was an Agnihotri. In his house, the fire required for offering an oblation and sacrifice was being kindled by using an instrument called Arani-Mantha. […]

Pilgrimage to Rameshwar and Madurai

In the year 1949, Shree Baba Maharaj along with 20-22 devotees, went on a pilgrimage to Rameshwar and Madurai, in Tamilnadu State. While going to Rameshwar, near Madurai, at midnight, their bus suddenly developed mechanical problems and came to a standstill. Everyone else in the bus thought of taking rest at Madurai and proceeding next […]

Pilgrimage to Akkalkot, Pandharpur

After the departure of Shree Aaisaheb in the year 1945, there was nobody to take proper care of Shree Baba Maharaj. On the other hand, he was also completely relieved from the restrictions of the worldly affairs. Then onwards, every year he started going on pilgrimage with his devotees to some holy places, after Kartik […]

Mischievous Tricks On Uninvited Guests

Sometimes Shree Baba Maharaj displayed his mischievous nature. There were people who tried to take undue advantage of his self-meditative state of being. Because of this nature, an uninvited guest assumed Shree Baba Maharaj to be crazy and came to stay in his house for a long time in anticipation of getting free food. Shree […]

Extra Ordinary Disposition

The lustrous and dignified personality of Shree Baba Maharaj never put any pressure on the minds of devotees. On the contrary, devotees always experienced an uncommon attraction for the intimate acquaintance and repeated sight of Shree Baba Maharaj. He being addressed respectfully as ‘Raosaheb’ during his service tenure, added grace to his generous nature. Shree […]

Snakes get transformed to spring like plants

The biography of Shree Baba Maharaj is full of miracles and experiences of the devotees. The life style of Shree Baba Maharaj was very simple like a common man. His attire was also very simple. Most people considered him as mad or crazy due to his disembodied state. But the devotees who had placed implicit […]

Five Hooded White Cobra

Shri Bhalchandra Nagesh Thatte, a devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj regularly read a religious book “Navnath”. Somebody had informed Shri Thatte that if he reads this book at nighttime, he would see horrifying & ghastly sights. Once while reading this book after midnight, suddenly an immense perfume of sandalwood spread in the room. Shri Thatte […]

Eccentric Nature

Shree Baba Maharaj sometimes behaved in a way, which can be best termed as eccentric. Shri Yeshwantappa Ambekar, a devotee of Shree Baba Maharaj and his friend Shankar Deodhar experienced this very eccentric nature of Shree Baba Maharaj. Once when the two had been visiting Shree Baba Maharaj for his blessings. Shree Baba Maharaj told […]

Divine Vision of Lord Hanuman

Shri Borkar was worried due to the non-profitability of his cloth business. One day his friend took him to Shree Baba Maharaj to seek blessings. Shri Borkar was so impressed that he started visiting Shree Baba Maharaj regularly. But every time he visited, due to one or other reason, Shree Baba Maharaj would send him […]

Shree Baba Levitating

Shri Bal Gangadhar Patwardhan, a professor in Govt. College, Dhule, Maharashtra, also had an experience about the divineness of Shree Baba Maharaj. During 1939-40, while studying in Fergusson College, Pune, in Maharashtra, Shri Patwardhan came to know about Shree Baba Maharaj. So he went to Dhumal Bldg, to seek the blessings of Shree Baba Maharaj. […]