A short biography of "Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj Sahasrabuddhe"Alias
"Shree Sadguru Vasudevananta Saraswati"

The final pilgrimage

On 29thNov 1953, Shree Baba Maharaj, along with 24 to 25 devotees went on a final pilgrimage to Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, the birthplace of Lord Rama. On the way to Ayodhya, Shree Baba Maharaj visited the holy places like Machhalipattan, Banaras, Mathura, Vrindavan, Jagannathpuri, Gaya and Prayag.

In fact, Shree Baba Maharaj wanted to free himself from this mundane existence by taking jalasamadhi41 in the Sharayu River, in Ayodhya. Shree Baba Maharaj had expressed this wish, before beginning the pilgrimage. A number of devotees had refused to accompany him for avoiding the pain of separation. Knowing this plight of the devotees, Shree Baba Maharaj said, “None of you have understood the real meaning of a Sadguru. As per you, the existence of a Sadguru is only in relation with his body. Probably, if you feel my body as Sadguru, then tie one string to my foot, pull out my dead body from Sharayu River and start taking care of my body! Little have you understood that in fact a Sadguru is beyond birth and death. You have not realised this truth, even after staying with me? Then how would you make progress and attain divine truth, life’s highest objective?”

However, it so happened that Shree Baba Maharaj could not find any place in Sharayu River with water level above the anklebone. Shree Baba Maharaj remarked, “This shows that the Sharayu River refuses to give me any place for taking jalsamadhi. My Sadguru, Shree Beedkar Maharaj has ordered me to take a place (establish a Muth4) in Pune” saying so he took bath instead and came out of the river towards the riverbank. All the devotees were very happy to see him come back without taking the planned Jalsamadhi.

From Ayodhya, Shree Baba Maharaj went to Wardha via Mathura-Vrindavan to meet his daughter. From Wardha, via Tryambakeshwar and Nasik he returned to Pune.